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Competitive Communication Audit Template

This article was originally published on July 25th, 2014. We’ve refreshed some of the details and screenshots to give you the most up-to-date information possible. Many years ago when I was a PR consultant, I created a competitive communication audit as part of our services to clients.  This was typically one of the first things we […]

Enterprise Social Brand Management Using Rival IQ

Social media marketing for a single company brand and one or two products is complex enough across multiple channels. You need to keep your branding consistent and professional, maintain a clear brand voice and personality, and work consistently to build strong engagement with, hopefully, a growing fan base. But if you own marketing or social […]

A Day in the Life of a Social Media Strategist

There has been a clear and positive trend amid organizations across industries to view social media as strategic. Specifically, I am seeing an increase in titles such as social media strategist and digital marketing strategist. This is good for multiple reasons. One, social media can absolutely be a strategic part of your integrated marketing mix […]

Rival Results Index (RRI) for High-end Department Stores

Each quarter, we do a social media evaluation of a key market. Our report is called the Rival Results Index or RRI. The RRI is a comprehensive analysis and scoring system of a market on social media. It is designed to provide a competitive and data-driven view across key social media measurements, including presence, reach, […]

Rival IQ Launches Marketing Analytics Dashboard and New Social Content Features

The digital marketing landscape changes quickly every day, and marketers are incredibly busy, if not overwhelmed. This is one of the reasons our customers love our proactive alerts and reports. But we are always thinking about what else we can do to help marketers, and our customers have been asking for even easier ways to see what […]

Why You Should Use Social Media Landing Pages

In the last few years, I feel as if landing pages have become the panacea for every marketing goal. Need more leads? Create a landing page. Want to capture emails for your newsletter? Create a landing page. Want to integrate social media with your lead generation machine? Wait. . .  what? In spite of landing […]

Social Media Final Four Pre-game Predictions

Much of the U.S. population today will be watching TV for the big NCAA Final Four men’s basketball playoff games. As I love doing with our Rival IQ application, I created a landscape of the four teams in today’s face off to see how the teams are doing off the court in the final four […]

Quarterly Marketing Reports with Rival IQ

Most businesses really look at metrics in an in-depth way at least once a quarter. It’s important to take that time to potentially adjust priorities, budgets or plans, as well as take a moment to recognize big wins or successes. Make sure you are part of that conversation with strong, metrics-driven marketing reports. Rival IQ can help, […]

Rival IQ Monthly Analysis and Reports

Every month, make sure you are sharing your successes, improvements, challenges and top content. This is also a great time to show trending data or big wins. Your Rival IQ monthly analysis and reporting only takes a few minutes to put together and send out to the broader marketing team or leadership. Be sure to follow these […]

Your Weekly Rival IQ Checklist

You work hard on your social media content, SEO keywords and other digital initiatives every day. Make sure you take time every week to show what’s working, where you need improvement, and any changes that have happened in your digital market landscape. Here are some best practices to do every week to make sure you are getting the […]