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  • Track 10 companies
    Each 10 additional companies: $100/mo
  • 6 months of data history
  • Social media and SEO benchmarking
  • Additional integrations:
    – Facebook Insights
    – Instagram Insights
    – Facebook Ads
    – LinkedIn Business Pages
    – Google Analytics
  • Boosted Post Detection
  • Google Data Studio Connector
  • API Access

Engage Pro


  • Track 20 companies
    Each 10 additional companies: $100/mo
  • 24 months of data history
  • Social media and SEO benchmarking
  • Additional integrations:
    – Facebook Insights
    – Instagram Insights
    – Facebook Ads
    – LinkedIn Business Pages
    – Google Analytics
  • Boosted Post Detection
  • Google Data Studio Connector
  • API Access



Engage Pro




Social channel monitoring and analytics

Company Tracking

For each company you add to your account, we’ll track one social handle on each of the six networks we monitor. You can track competitors, partners, influencers, or any other company you want.

10 companies

20 companies

Data History

You can analyze in Rival IQ going back as far as 24 months from today. You might not have data going back the full 24 months, but as time passes, you’ll continue to build history in Rival IQ.

12 months

24 months

Multi-User Accounts

Simplify collaboration by giving everyone on your team their own login and email settings as you work on a shared set of landscapes.

2 users

5 users

5 users

Facebook Ads Accounts

Report and monitor on multiple Facebook Ads accounts within Rival IQ.


2 accounts

5 accounts

Social Metrics Freshness

As you use Rival IQ throughout your day, we’ll keep your social metrics up to date within the freshness level of your plan.

12 hours

6 hours

1 hour

Facebook Boosted Post Detection

Identify when a competitor boosted a post. Uses machine learning to predict the likelihood that any given organic Facebook post has been promoted.


Facebook Ads Reports and Alerting

A complete Facebook Ads reporting solution. We’ll monitor your running campaigns for top performing and underperforming campaigns.


Facebook and Instagram Insights Reporting

Deep analytics on your Facebook page, Instagram Business Profile, and post performance. Paid, organic, viral data, plus video and Instagram stories engagement metrics, too.


Facebook Boosted Post Analytics

Connect organic and paid results from your Facebook boosted posts into a single, seamless interface.


Facebook Instant Articles Analytics

Bring Instant Article metrics into your Facebook Insights dashboard to see a summary analysis of views, view duration, and scroll depth.


LinkedIn Page Analytics

Reporting on your LinkedIn company page performance, including reach, visitors, and post-by-post details.


Google Analytics Reporting

Our beautiful, comprehensive Google Analytics reports will take your analysis beyond the basics. Plus, schedule your reporting to stay current on your key metrics.


Google Data Studio Connector

Pull social media and SEO analytics from your Rival IQ account into Data Studio

Custom Branded Reports

Get the look and feel you need on your exported PowerPoints and images using our branding features. Upload your logo and set your colors to get started.

Customer Success Manager

A dedicated Customer Success Manager to help with training, onboarding and maximizing the value of Rival IQ.


API Access

Access key analyses from your Rival IQ account via our data API. Automate your workflows, be happy!



All plans include:

Unlimited Landscapes

A Landscape is a set of competitors/companies that you together. Landscapes are useful for managing multiple clients, segments of your business, influencers, and more.

Social Media Metrics and Benchmarking

Metrics from six major social channels in one easy-to-read interface.

Social Posts Analysis

Access and analyze every social post for all major social networks included in your plan.

Hashtag Analysis

Aggregate and analyze hashtag activity and performance for all major social networks included in your plan.

Twitter Mentions Tracking

Track Twitter mentions and identify influencers – get data on potential reach, engagement and sentiment for you and the competition.

SEO Keyword/Metrics Analytics

Comparative reports for external links, domain authority, meta tags and organic keywords for each company you are tracking.

Scheduled Exports

Automatic generation and delivery of any report in Rival IQ. Amazing analysis in your inbox.

Email Alerts

Online reports and proactive email notifications when a company you’re tracking makes a positioning change or has a breakout social post.

Multiple Export Formats

One-click, downloadable reports in multiple formats, including CSV, PowerPoint, PDF or PNG. Download one chart or a curated set.

Custom Chart Builder

If we have the data, you can generate the chart you want. Bar charts, line charts, 2D comparisons – we have what you need to show your insights.

Company Filters

Organize your companies with filters to segment your analytics to give you the clearest, most actionable view of your data.

Custom Date Ranges

View and compare your data by setting the date range you are analyzing. Compare to any length period for real reporting flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free 14-day trial work?

You may evaluate Rival IQ for 14 days completely free, with no commitment and no credit card required. If you require more time to evaluate, please contact our support team.

Is there a minimum commitment?
Rival IQ offers plans for purchase on a monthly or annual basis. You’ll save 15% on your purchase price if you purchase a plan on an annual basis.

What are my payment options?

Our online payment system accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Monthly plans can only be paid by credit card. For annual plans, we can invoice you, and we can accept a check (US customers) or a wire (outside of US). If you’d need to pay another way, please contact our support team.

Please note that our prices are listed in USD.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

We think you’ll be satisfied with our product, but if you aren’t, get in touch with us. For customers on our monthly plans, we’re happy to refund your most recent month’s subscription fee if you aren’t satisfied with your service.

Where can I review your terms of service and privacy policy?

For those who are into legal documentation, here are our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Do you offer packages and pricing tailored for non-profits?

We are very supportive of the work that our non-profit customers do for their communities, including training and customized pricing. Get in touch with us, and let’s talk about how we can help you expand your impact with social media.

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