How to Use Rival IQ in Your Daily Marketing Workflow

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While every Rival IQ user has his or her own favorite way to analyze the data and content, there are some recommended ways to include Rival IQ in your day-to-day marketing workflow.

Rather than wading through the social networks or Google search to try and figure out what’s going on, take just a few minutes in Rival IQ and KNOW what’s happening quickly and easily – and be ready to take action!

Rival IQ Daily Marketing Workflow

Your Daily Rival IQ Checklist


1. Read Twitter Mentions

Rival IQ Twitter Mentions & Influencer Report

Twitter mentions enables you to see who is talking about each company in the landscape by company, by mentioner/influencer and by mention.

Goal: Know which influencers are talking about me and my competition

Outcome: Expand the breadth of my influencer network so I can get broader reach on my content.

Steps to take:

  1. Go to Twitter Mentions:
  2. Look for influencers who mentioned “me” that I need to thank/engage with.
  3. Find influencers who mentioned one or more of my competitors that might be open to outreach and the start of building a relationship.
  4. Follow influencers that mentioned me or others in the landscape (you can click the follow button from within Rival IQ!)


2. Review the Landscape’s Top Performing Social Content

Twitter Top Content Report and Analytics

Twitter Top Content Report and Analytics

Goal: Identify themes/types of content performing well that I’m not leveraging

Outcome: Improve my own social content to gain more engagement/following

Steps to take:

  1. Go to: Twitter Overview
  2. Select the Date Range you want to analyze (yesterday or last 7 days)
  3. See who has the most top posts (we pull the top 50)
  4. Change the filter from Engagement Total to Engagement Rate to see what has changed; who is achieving the most overall engagement, and who is doing the best within their specific audience.
  5. Analyze the characteristics of the most-engaging posts – photos, video, links? What hashtags are being used? On what day of the week was the most engaging content posted? What other intelligence can you gain?
  6. Create some new posts using what you learned and schedule them using your social management tool of choice (we use Buffer and Hootsuite!)


3. Analyze YOUR Top Performing Social Content

Top Social Media Content

You can analyze Top Content by company

Goal: Identify themes/types of content performing well that I can repeat

Outcome: Further improve my social content to gain more engagement/following

Steps to take:

  1. Go to Companies:
  2. Click on “My Company”, which will take you to a detailed section all about a specific company.
  3. Click on “Social Content”
  4. Select the Date Range you want to analyze (last 7 days, yesterday, other?)
  5. Analyze your content and ask some key questions:
    1. Which content has performed the best?
    2. What can you learn from that?
    3. Did you use awesome images?
    4. Were you funny?
    5. Were you helpful?
    6. Did you mention other people?
    7. What else can you learn from your most engaging content.
  6. Re-use successful content and post composition with new posts and schedule them for today or tomorrow!


4. Check Rival IQ Alerts

Social Media Alerts

In the Alert Feed, you can find all breakout posts or positioning changes.

Goal: Make sure there are no surprises among my competition or landscape

Outcome: Be the first to know and communicate competitive actions

Steps to take:

  1. Go to Alert Feed:
  2. Review the feed, looking for key changes in positioning, breakout posts
  3. If anything major or newsworthy, copy and paste that alert and send an email to your team/boss/CEO, etc.


How do you use Rival IQ in your daily marketing workflow?

Tell us your daily routine, so we can share best practices and learn more together! Add thoughts and other daily analysis your team does into the comments section.

In addition to using Rival IQ as part of your daily workflow, be sure to review our suggestions for weekly, monthly and quarterly analysis and reports using Rival IQ.

Margaret Dawson

A 20-year tech industry veteran, Margaret is known for taking people, brands and companies to the next level through creativity, awesome positioning and messaging, coaching and hard work. She is a proven entrepreneur and intrapreneur, having led successful programs and teams at several startups and Fortune 500 companies, including Amazon, Microsoft and HP. She’s a frequent author and sought-after speaker on subjects such as cloud computing, big data, women in tech, and the convergence of technology and business. She is also an active mentor for men and women in technology. You can follow her on Twitter @seattledawson.

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