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Twitter performance at a glance: Every like, retweet, and tweet in one place along with hashtag performance, post type analysis, and more.

Dive deeper for stronger Tweets: With hashtag analysis, audience growth tracking, handle mention tracking, and tons of post type insights, you’re on your way to your best 140 (or 280) characters.

Tweet Tagging for Deeper Analysis

Use post and tweet tagging to compare anything, from character count to emoji performance, to find your best-performing content.

Twitter Discover

Use our powerful Discover feature to identify influencers and brand advocates.

Up Your Hashtag Game

Identify your most engaging hashtags, and discover new ones that are performing well with your competitors’ followers.

Time of Day Analysis

See when your followers are online, when your content does best, and when your competitors are Tweeting to maximize your engagement.

Competitive Benchmarking

Create context for your social success by keeping a close eye on your competitors’ performance, including their mention performance.

Analyze popular topics

Our AI-powered tools instantly pull out popular words and phrases to help you stay on trend.

Make more impact with competitive context

Delivering your metrics with competitive benchmarks means your readers will have the context necessary to understand the impact and performance of your social media.

With Rival IQ, you have access to follower, profile, and post engagement data for every company in your landscape. Easily present your metrics along with averages and competitor details to demonstrate your social successes.

"Rival IQ is critical in determining the quality content that helps the University of Kentucky engage our audience."

Katy Bennett

Assistant Marketing Director
at University of Kentucky

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