Streamline your social media reporting

Quickly track, measure, and present metrics and insights from all your social channels.

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Streamline your social media reporting

Quickly track, measure, and present metrics and insights from your social and web.

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Enhance your social media reports with competitive context

With Rival IQ, you have access to follower, profile, and post engagement data for every company and channel in your landscape. With this competitive edge, your team will have the context necessary to understand the impact and performance of your social media.

Simplify even the most complex social media reporting

With Rival IQ, you’ll get the social media reports you need in less time. Between pre-built reports, custom dashboards, and scheduled export delivery, you’ll always be ready to share and present your latest social insights.

Custom Dashboards
Create and customize reports to use interactively or for export. We have a wide variety of charts, tables, and graphs to help you communicate your social performance effectively.
Export in any format you need
You can export any panel, page, or dashboard within Rival IQ in a variety of formats including PNG, PDF, PPTX, and CSV.
Scheduled reports straight to your inbox
Configure regular exports of any report in Rival IQ to be delivered via email–even to external collaborators or clients.

Google Data Studio
Our connector makes adding your Rival IQ social metrics to Data Studio dashboards quick and painless.
Post Tagging
Measure anything, from campaigns to influencer mentions to red vs. blue images using post tagging.

Save time with in-depth social media reports at a glance

Don’t waste time gathering data manually every month. With Rival IQ, you’ll have always-on access to metrics and insights from all major social media channels and Facebook Ads. Layer in even more data from competitive tracking, and you’ll create impactful reports in no time while staying focused on driving insights and action.

"Rival IQ makes it easy for us to provide executives with the insights into what competitors are doing, and provide the context they need to understand the direction we are taking in social."

Jessica Windell

Marketing Communications Manager
Perfect Bar

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