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Learn which hashtags deliver the best response for your audience. See the hashtags your competitors use, and learn how well they’re working.

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Use the most effective hashtags

Cross-channel hashtag analytics improves your understanding of social media and marketing campaigns. See detailed metrics on key measure like post counts, engagement, and company usage.

You can also see which brands are using popular hashtags the most—right down to the individual posts.

Stay one step ahead

The most popular hashtags are a great place to start, but do not limit yourself. With Rival IQ, you can search for any hashtag regardless of how infrequently it is used.

Searching for hashtags not only helps you identify opportunity, but also shows your competitors’ activity.

Widen your audience

Including the right hashtag opens up new markets and communities. Rival IQ makes it easy to identify engagement-boosting terms, and provides the data to justify and track their use.

A cross-channel hashtag strategy is key to getting the most from your social marketing efforts. Stop guessing which hashtags make a difference, and start driving better results.

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