We are Rival IQ.

Since our founding in 2012, we’ve focused on making your social media data easier to find, analyze, and act upon.

About Our Team

At Rival IQ, we believe that every marketer deserves tools to make data work for them.

Our entire team comes to work every day ready to delight our customers and ready to learn. We’re real people that all have a hand in helping you make the most of your marketing data. Keep reading to learn more about the incredible team that powers Rival IQ.

Our values

We’re committed to the health and success of everyone involved with Rival IQ, from employees to customers to vendors and beyond. Here are the core values behind every decision we make to support the Rival IQ family.


We seek to be transparent with our team and our customers. Transparency builds trust, and trust builds lasting relationships.

Diversity and Inclusivity

We believe that embracing our unique perspectives and experiences make us a stronger, more capable, and more empathetic team.


We understand that work is but one part of life. Family and health are really important to us.

Customer commitment

We work as hard as possible to let our customers know how highly we value them and their decision to trust us with their social media analytics. We know that their success is our success.

Data-backed decision making

We believe we gain a better understanding of our world and make better decisions using data than we would on gut or experience alone. We work hard to know our metrics, and they help guide us to better outcomes for our team, customers, and business.


Want to see the Rival IQ team in action? Check out a recent all-hands-on-deck Hack Day for a peek into the thrivin’ Rival IQ #startuplife.

Meet our talented team

  • John Clark

    Founder, CEO

While not working hard to make sure our customers are getting what they need, John is probably on the links, polishing his short game. You can tell he’s busy, because his handicap is about 36 right now.

In older times, John was the CEO of V2Green and was the Founder/CEO of TollFree Cellular. He gives back to the startup community by mentoring a number of Seattle-based companies through Founder’s Co-op.

  • Seth Pollack

    Founder, Head of Engineering

Seth is a true Northwest guy — he grew up in Seattle, he is an engineer, and he rock climbs. He’s also a dad, which means that he does less rock climbing than he might like. At least that makes him a good dad!

Another Northwest box that Seth checks is “I did some really cool stuff in the 90s at Microsoft.” Having started and led the Active Server Pages (ASP) product at Microsoft, he really knows about building reliable, scalable software. He’s done a bunch of other great stuff, too, including founding V2Green with a couple other folks on this team.

  • Seth “Doc” Bridges

    Founder, Head of Product & Marketing

Wait, what? You have two people named Seth? Damn straight. If we can get him out of the gym, this Seth spends his days talking to customers, designing our product, and doing analytics. Oh, and playing with his super cute sons (three)!

Before Rival IQ, Seth was busy building analog cameras and getting his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Washington. After UW, Seth founded V2Green with some other folks in this fine group where he built real hardware that went into actual cars. So yes, Javascript is a real leap for him.

  • Cat Martinez
  • Cat Martinez

    Customer Success Manager

With experience as a business owner, Cat brings a true sense of understanding to the marketing challenges our customers face. Whether at Digg Fitness or Grand Canyon University, she’s spent much of her career honing her client success skills. If you’re lucky enough to work with her, you’ll see what we mean.

Originally from El Paso, TX, Cat graduated from Baylor University in 2009. But all that Texas heritage couldn’t keep her around (nor could getting lost and subsequently rescued from the Franklin Mountains on a proposal “hike”). She visited Seattle as a child and fell in love with the city. In 2017, she and her wife made the jump to the Pacific Northwest, and we couldn’t be happier that they did. Outside of work, Cat loves hanging with her wife and son, whether it’s hiking, camping, or studying dinosaur encyclopedias!

  • Denna Bettini
  • Denna Bettini

    Product Manager

Denna joins Rival IQ to tackle the giant job of Product Manager, AKA herding all our engineering, design, and copy cats to ship new features and make our app awesome for customers.

When she isn’t wrangling Rival IQers, she makes the most of her Utah residence by hiking, camping, paddleboarding, and snow-frolicking as much as possible with her husband and adorable pup Toko. If she’s not taking in the great outdoors, you might find her huddled over a sewing machine trying to top her all-time favorite Halloween costume: a peacock complete with articulating tail. Denna brings her creativity and relentless drive for success for everything from peacocks to product design in her work at Rival IQ.

  • BC Ko
  • BC Ko

    Software Engineer

BC joins our team in Seattle after living on all four corners of the globe in South Korea, New Zealand, Shanghai, Spain, Michigan, and many more. He can be found coding away in the office long before anyone else arrives for the day, and first fell in love with software engineering in the military because it helped him automate the many repetitive tasks he was facing.

When not acting as the office early bird, BC can be found chasing his dog around Marymoor Park and snapping photos of his pets canoodling on their dedicated Instagram. He’s always on the hunt for his next game of squash, and loves catching up on the latest shows on Netflix with his wife when he’s not on the court.

  • Blair Feehan
  • Blair Feehan

    Content Marketing Manager

Though originally from the Bay Area, Blair fully considers herself a Seattleite at this point. Blair is in charge of words at Rival IQ, and considers the pen mightier than the sword (which is good, because she has no proficiency with a sword).

When not filing UX bugs that only she would care about, Blair manages to make free time for her other loves. She’s a voracious reader (119 books just last year!) and loves to spend time cooking and baking. We hear that she even used to be a rock band drummer, so we’re thinking about getting a group together now. Check back soon for our band name. It’s going to be great.

  • Lisa VanDenBerg
  • Lisa VanDen Berg


When she’s not coaching her kids’ sports teams or traversing the world on amazing family adventures, Lisa makes everything look good at Rival IQ. She brings her world-class design talents to our team after a decade (or two) wearing many creative hats at ESPN. Lisa’s gorgeous design aesthetic, digital marketing chops, and lightning-fast Sketch skills have seriously upped our product and marketing game.

Lisa loves the outdoors and traveling to cultures she’s never experienced before with her husband and two kids. She’s made a serious dent in our Diet Coke stash, but if that’s what it takes to power this graphic designergizer bunny, we’re not complaining.

  • Vijay Chemburkar
  • Vijay Chemburkar

    Software Engineer

Vijay has spent much of the last forever moving around the northern west coast. At the northernmost end of his adventure is Seattle, where he’s spent time with some tiny shops like Amazon and Rival IQ. Somewhat recently, Vijay spent a few years in Eugene, OR, but he’s been in Seattle long enough now that the hippie smell is almost gone. Bounding the southern end of his travels is Palo Alto, CA, a town known for some school named Stanford (never heard of it), where Vijay went to college.

Outside of work, Vijay hangs with his wife and kids and enjoys cooking a big meal. He’s a good cook, too. I bet you can’t wait to get invited to dinner.

  • Keith Moore
  • Keith Moore

    Software Engineer

A self-described “grizzled software curmudgeon,” Keith comes to Rival IQ with a software engineering toolkit honed over many decad…er, years. He’s spent time everywhere from Microsoft (almost prehistoric era) to some hipster startups in Portland, OR, and a bunch of places in between – including a stint at GridPoint with some other Rival IQers.

While not sitting in front of a computer, Keith is either hanging out with his wife and their tiger-cats (which are different than Thundercats), or he is out riding some super long bike route with his randonneuring buddies. Regardless of where he is, he’s probably being a smart ass.

  • Jacob Wuest
  • Jacob Wuest

    Customer Success Manager

Jacob joins Rival IQ directly from Austin, Texas, where he honed his customer success skills at Main Street Hub and Yodle. We’re happy Jacob can leverage his experience in social media and SEO to help our customers do more with Rival IQ. A graduate of the University of North Texas, Jacob studied Radio, Television, and Film. Though his days of TV production are on pause, Jacob lends his talents to our webinar and in-house video production.

Jacob is a huge music fan: recorded, shows, band news, etc. Moving to Seattle from Austin must have been a tough move on that front (no offense, Seattle music scene)! To make up for it, Jacob voraciously pursues his other passions, including hiking, fishing, and working through visiting our national parks. He’s also a big San Antonio Spurs fan – so he’d love to get into his time machine and go back to 2006 to watch the Spurs in Seattle. We’re not bitter at all, really.

  • Mark Pearson
  • Mark Pearson

    Account Executive

Originally from Seattle and a proud UW grad, Mark has made a career of selling SaaS products from some great local companies. Before Rival IQ, Mark spent 4 years with DocuSign, focusing on Commercial Sales. Previously, Mark worked with clients at Onvia, helping them use data to improve their competitive advantage when selling to the government.

Outside the office, Mark is a huge soccer fan, and he loves spending time with his wife and young sons. Plus, as a French literature major in college, you can expect some serious refinement from this guy.

  • Claire Van Fossen
  • Claire Van Fossen

    Software Engineer

A former competitive swimmer, Claire is always up bright and early tackling the latest engineering challenge–after baking a gluten-free cake and completing a punishing workout at the gym, of course. She moved to Seattle from her hometown of Columbus, Ohio a few years ago without ever having set foot in the Pacific Northwest, and applies that bravery daily to bashing bugs (and encouraging recycling!) at Rival IQ.

When she’s not collaborating on new features, Claire can be found living out her dreams to be the world’s first coding cosmetologist or throwing lavish themed dinner parties for her friends complete with gluten-free, refined sugar-free desserts (though almost never at the same time). Just don’t ask her for her hummus recipe–it’s top-secret.