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Posts written by: Danica Benson

The March Madness Social Engagement Report

The 2017 March Madness Social Report delves deeply into what the most engaging NCAA Tournament teams are doing across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to give you some great ideas and hopefully inspire your next post.

Top Colleges and Universities Standardize on Rival IQ for Social Media Marketing Analytics

Rival IQ helps institutions of higher education increase engagement, optimize strategy, prove social value and amplify social marketing efforts.

Metrics that Matter–Justifying Social Media Part II

In this post, we cover the metrics that matter and how to give those numbers power to continue successfully leveraging social media for the business.

Justifying Social Media To Your Executive Team – Part I

Five actionable steps you can take to justify the value of social media to your executive team and persuade them to invest in more social media efforts.

Social Media… On Broadway!

Broadway Briefing and Rival IQ have teamed up to create the Social Media Report for Broadway shows! Published by Broadway Briefing, the social media report assesses Broadway’s 30+ productions every week to set industry benchmarks and provide visibility into social marketing best practices that attract audiences.

Countdown to 2017: Daily Marketing Tip Mashup

Get your Marketing Tip of the Day! Every day up to 2017, we’ll post a new tip, favorite tool or piece of advice to help you in your marketing efforts.

Reflect on 2016 During the Holiday Season

Whether you’re powering through your personal to-do list or taking some time off to relax, unwind and recharge, be sure to take a moment to think about your goals for 2017. Goal setting can be tough, so try kicking off your brainstorm session by reflecting on your 2016 goals.

Introducing Instagram Live Video

In light of the success of Instagram Stories and Facebook Live, Instagram has taken a step toward enabling and encouraging their users to share as freely as possible by introducing Instagram Live Video.

6 ways to successfully leverage Facebook Live

Emotions are sticky and a powerful way to connect and leave a lasting impression with people. Learn the best ways to make sticky content using Facebook Live

The Psychology Behind Social Sharing

Engagement isn’t just about great content. Learn about your audience’s persona to better understand what motivates your readers to share on social media.