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Broadway Briefing and Rival IQ have teamed up to create the Social Media Report for Broadway shows! Published by Broadway Briefing, the social media report assesses Broadway’s 30+ productions every week to set industry benchmarks and provide visibility into social marketing best practices that attract audiences

Broadway Briefing Social Media Report Preview

Broadway Briefing, the must-read morning newsletter for theater professionals, launched a weekly social media analytics report for top producers, investors, and promoters in the theater industry. Powered by Rival IQ, the report provides an unprecedented perspective on Broadway shows’ social successes, as well as the opportunities to increase awareness, engagement, and sales with theater-goers. You can read the full press release here

A Whole New Path to the Great White Way

As an industry with 46 million annual attendees in the U.S. and over $1.3 Billion in ticket revenue annually, Broadway shows are one of the most popular tourist attractions in New York City. Known to have the best performances in the world, the theater industry on Broadway has to put forth a tremendous amount of effort to effectively market their productions. With up to 40 different Broadway shows playing at any one time, Broadway shows must actively market themselves to ensure new or continued success.

With the recent improvements to social advertising on channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, the transition from traditional advertising methods to online marketing, namely social media, is in full swing. Shifting the promotion of an organically non-digital form of art, like a Broadway show, onto social media is no easy feat. However, productions like Hamilton seem to be figuring out how social media platforms can allow productions to take their shows beyond the stage, attracting a younger audience to the theater. Shows playing on Broadway in New York City are honing in on what they need to do reach, inspire and engage their audience on these digital platforms. In 2016, they’ve managed to gain a lot of traction.

Top Broadway Posts for 2016:

#1 Post – The Color Purple

#2 Post – Kinky Boots

#3 Post – Dear Evan Hansen

#4 Post – Hamilton

#5 Post – Wicked

Wicked The Musical Top Post of 2016

Theater professionals are clearly making an impact. Matt Britton, the owner of Broadway Briefing, picked up on the need for more social data and a better understanding of social marketing activities in the industry. Regardless of the type of business or industry; digital marketers have a good knowledge-base about their performance on social media, but without benchmarks and an understanding of competitors’ social performance, you can begin to feel a little lost. Theater professionals face the same struggle. Matt saw an opportunity for a solution; to create a weekly report that will help producers learn from one another and become better social marketers.

Bringing the right data to the right people

With this exciting update to our ‘Broadway Briefing Pro edition, Rival IQ provides our Pro readers with actionable social data and analysis the theater industry can use to make better, more informed social marketing decisions,” said Matt Britten, owner at Broadway Briefing. “For theatrical professionals with limited access to industry-wide shared data, this new weekly report will certainly provide uniquely informative insights.

Subscribers to ‘Broadway Briefing Pro,’ receive a weekly summary, analysis and insights of social activity for all 30+ Broadway shows, providing the opportunity to learn social media best practices and industry benchmarks. The new addition to Broadway Briefing Pro’s content lineup informs Broadway’s top players, thought leaders, and marketers about the social activity and specific content that is resonating best with their audiences and helps them increase the impact of their social media efforts.

Rival IQ is pleased to provide Broadway Briefing Pro readers with social analytics and insights to accelerate their marketing results,” said John Gallagher, vice president of marketing at Rival IQ. “The information shared in the newsletter every week will inspire new types of social content and uncover creative ways to keep audiences engaged with their favorite form of entertainment.”

The Broadway Briefing Pro edition includes exclusive industry insights and analysis — created for Broadway professionals, by Broadway professionals. For more information, visit and

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