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Hack Day 2017

Today is “Hack Day” at Rival IQ! Periodically we clear our calendars to focus on a day of innovation. There is only one rule: do anything that you think may be valuable, and that excites you!

Develop in Double Time With Node.js plus Streamline

From day one at Rival IQ, we bet on Node.js as our core platform. We found Node, with its JavaScript expressiveness and its simple concurrency model, to be more productive than previous generation platforms; and yet, due to its complex control flow and awkward error handling, way less productive than it could be! This led […]

Why You Should Care About A Competitor’s Price Change

Do you want to know when your competitors change their product pricing, packaging or positioning? If you operate in a competitive market, which we nearly all do, I’m betting the answer is yes. But why is a competitors price change matter to a marketer? Because it’s often a sign of a strategic shift in an overall […]