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It’s no secret that Instagram thrives on the use of hashtags.

In fact, often times people and businesses don’t even add a caption; they just list out a series of hashtags instead. We’ve put together Instagram hashtag best practices and tips as a follow-up to the posts on Facebook and Twitter hashtag best practices.

As with any social network, there is a right way and wrong way to use hashtags on Instagram. With the hashtag max limit set to 30, let’s find out how exactly you can make the most of them.

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Chanel decided to use no words, only hashtags when posting this video. However, Chanel failed to use proper capitalization which makes the hashtags intimidating.

Chanel decided to use no words, only hashtags when posting this video. However, Chanel failed to use proper capitalization which makes the hashtags intimidating.

#InstaTagTip 1: Use multiple #hashtags, but under 10 is best!

According to our 2018 Social Media Industry Benchmark report, 75.1% of posts on Instagram contain hashtags, which means it’s important for you to get in the game and stay there with hashtag use.

If you’re still establishing your brand on Instagram, use as many relevant hashtags as possible in your posts. If you don’t have many followers on Instagram, try driving traffic towards your Instagram account from your other social media platforms. According to research done by SocialFresh, you’re suggested not exceed 10 hashtags per post to deter the perception that your post could be spam. After researching the habits of various brands on Instagram, the optimum number of hashtags for likes is seven hashtags before they negatively affect engagement.


On Instagram, people often search for specific hashtags and scroll through the image feed. If they like what you posted, they will actually click “like.”  If they like what they see, they might also click on your username to check out your feed and follow you. As in this case, hashtags help you reach a broader audience and gain followers.


#InstaTagTip 2: Use your SEO keywords

A great place to start when deciding which hashtags to use is your SEO keywords. Search your keywords on Instagram and see what others are posting. If the majority of content is relevant to your post, and it is an active hashtag, use it! Just remember, research is key–don’t use hashtags that aren’t active or relevant.

(Need a primer on sprucing up your SEO? We covered optimizing your SEO to maximize traffic here.)


#InstaTagTip 3: Create custom hashtags

If your brand is already established on Instagram, it is time to consider custom hashtags. Make sure any custom hashtag you create is unique, memorable, and speaks to your brand. Most brands create custom hashtags that are a play on their name, e.g. #ArtoftheTrench (Burberry), #InstaKors (Michael Kors) or #ATiffanyHoliday (Tiffany & Co.).

Oh and don’t forget, like Twitter and Facebook, make sure your hashtag is easy to spell, and use capitalization for readability.


#InstaTagTip 4: Create an Instagram campaign using hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to prompt your followers to get involved with your brand. By doing so, not only are you helping your brand reach your follower’s followers, but you’re also developing a relationship with loyalists by inviting them to feel like they are a part of your brand. Starbucks does a great job of this.


#InstaTagTip 5: Don’t forget about the classics

There are a few incredibly popular hashtags on Instagram. If executed properly, they can really help your brand engage with existing followers and attract new ones.



Instagram is a powerful tool for consumer-oriented brands. With more people responsive to visual posts on all social platforms, it is obvious why Instagram has become one of the main platforms by which consumers engage with brands. Use these Instagram hashtag best practices (and share your own!) to get the most out of this social network and watch your brand make an Insta-statement! #InstaTagFTW

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This article was originally published on November 16, 2014 and has since been updated. 

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