Hashtag Analysis for the Social Marketer

If your brand is active on social, you're probably taking advantage of hashtags. But, don't just use hashtags without reason, cut through the noise and optimize your hashtag strategy.

Must-Have Hashtag Analytics for Your Landscape

Our cross-channel hashtag analytics will bring you insights you've only dreamt of. Measuring brand campaigns and creating conversations has never been easier.

Learn which hashtags perform in your landscape to engage and grow your audience. See the hashtags your competitors use, and learn how well they're working.

  • Are you using the most-engaging hashtags?
  • Are you the only brand using a particular hashtag?
  • How do your hashtag perform compared the alternatives?

Get answers to these questions and more using our hashtag analysis tools. Use our data to make informed, data-driven choices about your social strategy.

Hashtag Analysis

Get Detailed Insights on Hashtag Performance

When you need to peel the onion, we'll keep the data coming.

Want more insights? With our detailed hashtag metrics, you’ll have everything you need, including post counts, engagement, company usage, and more.

Need hashtag performance on a company by company basis? You'll see which brands are power users for of popular hashtags. And, you can even see the individual posts driving the analysis.

Hashtag Search and Analysis

Track Campaigns Easily with Hashtag Filters

Our powerful search capabilities will bring you laser-focused analysis in seconds.

Are you running a social campaign? Find exactly what you’re looking for with our hashtag search tool. Our entire Social Posts dashboard enables you to search for any social media hashtag, regardless of how popular they are or how often they are used.

Just enter a hashtag into our search box. We’ll deliver your full Social Posts Analysis, but focused on the posts using your hashtag of choice. Discover and analyze your competitors' social campaigns so you can one step ahead.

Social Posts With Hashtag Search

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