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Benchmarking social media can make a big difference to your social strategy. Each year, we publish the Social Media Industry Benchmark Report, and the response has been tremendous.

We heard your request for more, which is why we launched Rival IQ Explore.

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Rival IQ Explore: Live Social Media Benchmarks

With Rival IQ Explore, you’ll have the opportunity to understand how top brands from various industries perform on social. We’re bringing you live social media metrics and content examples from across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You’ll now be able to benchmark against aspirational brands’ social media performance, analyze examples of highly engaging content for top-tier brands, and bring this data into your Rival IQ account.

Benchmark Against Industry Heavyweights

Discover Social Media Content and Tactical Opportunities

Analyze Past 30 Days’ Social Performance

Customize Your Analysis in Rival IQ

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Make Competitive Analysis a Part of Your Story

Benchmarking social media should be a part of your competitive analysis. While a full competitive analysis includes much more than social media benchmarks, including aspirational and industry heavyweights will lend valuable insight to your report. Identify tactics like imagery, content topics, or copy that lead to highly engaging content. Use this free template (seriously—it’s free).

Tell a Compelling Story

Paint a picture like the Canadian Olympic Committee by benchmarking social media performance to highlight your own social media success. Pair the average nonprofit Facebook engagement rate of .17% (according to our 2017 benchmark report) with the live data from Explore on top-tier nonprofits and then show how your organization is performing. For many niche organizations, the engagement rates outperform the best in class.

This becomes a way to illustrate that follower counts don’t make up for engagement metrics. You’ll be able to articulate how your content compares and how your audience shows their passion, enthusiasm and betters your social presence.

And if your performance doesn’t measure up, this gives you the opportunity to articulate how the best brands are succeeding and the necessary changes that will lead to improving your own social media performance.

Learn From The Best

I’m a fan of Steal Like An Artist — and my experience is most marketers are too. Watching and learning from the best in the business is part of our craft. We don’t all have big budgets like Nike, REI, or L’Oreal, but we can spot lessons in their successes and find ways to mimic best practices.

With Rival IQ Explore, we’re bringing you an easy way to watch and learn from the best brands in various categories. You’ll be able to learn from the most engaging content across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and try some of their tactics. That’s exactly what Alliant Credit Union did when they started planning their Instagram strategy. Using this approach, they looked at how non-financial brands successfully utilized Instagram, finding universal strategies and tactics that translated to their own audience.

Learn More, Live!

Join us next Tuesday, February 6th at 10 am PST/1 pm PST when we’ll host Cat Sprague from TBD Media to talk about benchmarking social media and how her agency uses this data to design successful social media strategies.

We’ll cover:

Have your questions ready for Q&A at the end of the webinar.

Cassandra Schwartz

Cassandra leads our product marketing, focusing on product, brand, and communications needs. Cassandra has worked in marketing and communications for nearly a decade helping businesses like Microsoft including Xbox and The Garage, Pike13, and many others connect with their audiences. Outside of work, Cassandra keeps extraordinarily active. An avid community builder, she leads the Seattle Lean In Circle, and co-founded SheHasDrive, as well as a peer-mentoring program based in Seattle. Since moving to Seattle from Kansas, Cassandra has adopted an outdoors lifestyle that includes hiking, skiing, and kayaking. Follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

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