5 Engaging Examples From the Top Health Food Brands on Facebook

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Health food brands have been on the rise in recent years, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

In fact, the health food market is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2026 which means you can get used to seeing more healthy snacks and better-for-you beverages on the shelves at your grocery store. You can also find these brands on Facebook where they share new product releases, exciting company updates, and tasty food photos.

Let’s take a look at the top health food brands on Facebook to see what they’re doing to engage with their audiences and make a name for themselves in the food and beverage industry.

Top 10 Health Food Brands on Facebook

According to our latest social media report, health food brands earned a median engagement rate of 0.04% and posted about twice a week this year. Though these engagement and activity stats fall below the median rates across other channels like Instagram and TikTok, Facebook remains an important platform for food brands to connect with their audiences.

Of the 100 health food brands we analyzed, these 10 companies stood out on Facebook for their impressive engagement rates and active posting frequency.

  1. good culture
  2. Real Good Foods
  3. Beyond Meat
  4. Siete Family Foods
  5. RXBAR
  6. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
  7. Kodiak Cakes
  8. Top Seedz
  9. Simple Mills
  10. Bob’s Red Mill

Let’s take a look at a few examples from some of these top-performing brands to see what’s working well in the healthy food space on Facebook.

5 Engaging Examples From Top Health Food Brands on Facebook

Top Seedz: Small Business Wins

While Top Seedz may have a smaller audience on Facebook compared with the other health food brands we analyzed, their followers are highly engaged. The brand generates an average engagement rate by follower of 1.79% which is 44 times greater than the median engagement rate for health food brands on Facebook this year. Top Seedz is also active on the platform, posting twice as much as the average health food brand on Facebook at about four times per week.

The Buffalo-based cracker company isn’t shy about showing its followers what it takes to run a small business. Top Seedz regularly shares company updates on its Facebook page and makes it a point to highlight the people, milestones, and processes behind it all. The brand’s most engaging posts earned eight times more engagement than the rest of its Facebook posts, as outlined below.

The most engaging Facebook posts from health food brand Top Seedz.

The brand’s top-performing post by engagement rate is a great example of how engaged its audience is when it comes to supporting the small business. The post — which includes an exciting product announcement *and* a video of a local news feature it secured — received a whopping engagement rate of 20.6% and an engagement rate lift that’s 130 times greater than the average engagement rate of similar posts from other health food brands.

The engagement metrics for health food brand Top Seedz's most engaging Facebook post.

In the post, Top Seedz shares a local news feature on its brand as a way to announce that it secured a spot in the coveted cracker aisle of all Wegmans stores. The announcement clearly excited people, resulting in numerous comments and shares that boosted the brand’s engagement.

By sharing the local news feature along with the announcement, Top Seedz also used this opportunity to remind people that they’re a small, local business — and everyone loves to support small. No matter the size of your health food brand, inviting your audience to celebrate your wins with you is never a bad idea.

good culture: Recipes and UGC

Another health food brand that stands out on Facebook is good culture. The dairy brand generates an engagement rate of 1.41% which is about 35 times better than the average health food brand on Facebook. While the brand could stand to post a little more often, good culture is still as active as its fellow health food brands, posting about two times per week.

Healthy food can sometimes get a bad rap for not looking as appetizing or drool-worthy as its indulgent food counterparts. But good culture is challenging that theory by sharing plenty of sweet and savory recipe ideas that feature its high-quality dairy products on its Facebook page. Not only are these images a good way to show off its product as the star ingredient, but it’s a strategy that works well for the brand’s performance on Facebook. good culture’s top-performing Facebook posts earned the brand six times more engagement than its other posts, as shown below.

The top Facebook posts from health food brand good culture all feature meals using its product.

What’s most interesting about good culture’s highly-engaging recipe posts is that many of them are user-generated content (UGC). The brand features recipes that its customers have created and shares the enticing images with its own audience on Facebook.

And it’s clearly working for them. The user-generated recipe post below received a 5.07% engagement rate which is 126 times higher than the median engagement rate on Facebook for health food brands on Facebook this year.

One of good culture's most engaging Facebook posts is a user-generated recipe that features a cucumber and salmon snack.

Not only is UGC a great way to source content and save time on the content creation process, but it also helps build strong social proof around your brand — which is especially important if you’re introducing a new type of product to the market like many health food brands are.

good culture also has the right idea when it comes to sharing recipes. Who can ignore a tasty-looking food pic? Not only do these posts draw people in, but recipes are educational and give consumers a better idea of how to incorporate your products into their cooking.

See the full Health Food brand rankings.

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Siete Family Foods: Product Announcements

If you’re looking for another top-performing health food brand on Facebook, look no further than Siete Family Foods. The Austin-based brand posts twice as much as most health food brands on Facebook and generated an engagement rate that’s about seven times better than other health food brands on the channel.

Siete offers a range of Mexican-American products that are gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan and uses Facebook to share product-related news — a strategy the brand sees great success with. In fact, the brand’s top-performing posts are all product announcements, and these posts earned the brand eight times more engagement than the rest of its Facebook posts, as outlined below.

The most engaging Facebook posts from health food brand Siete, as shown in Rival IQ's social media analytics tool.

According to our research, posts about new products and releases generated a 20% engagement rate lift for health food brands across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter this year.

Siete’s most engaging Facebook post received a 3.53% engagement rate by follower, which is 88 times higher than the median Facebook engagement rate for health food brands this year. The Facebook post was an exciting announcement that one of its many popular products can now be found at Sam’s Club.

A customer photo of Siete's chip variety-pack is the health food brand's most engaging Facebook post.

Not only does the post generate buzz around a product announcement, but Siete also layered another effective trend into the post: UGC. The brand used a photo that a customer snapped in-store to share the news, and made the post actionable by sharing a link to the Siete Store Locator page on its website.

Siete’s high-performing Facebook post proves that simple yet effective content can have a major impact on engagement, especially when you have news or helpful information to share.

Real Good Foods: Tried and True Giveaway

Real Good Foods is a standout performer on Facebook for its posting frequency alone. The brand posts about 15 times per week, which is seven times more than most health food brands on Facebook. The success of the brand’s activity can be seen in its engagement rate of 0.24% which is six times greater than the median health food brand on Facebook.

One of the chicken company’s most engaging Facebook posts this year was a giveaway (no surprise here if you’ve been keeping up with our social media reports!). The contest below received a 2.03% engagement rate by follower, which is 50 times greater than the median engagement rate on Facebook for health food brands this year. Plus, the nearly 3,000 comments from eager fans hoping to win the prize helped the brand get an engagement rate lift that’s almost 13 times better than the rest of its Facebook posts.

Rival IQ's social media analysis tool found that health food brand Real Good Foods' top Facebook post was a giveaway.

Giveaways continue to be a smart way to generate engagement across most channels, and they don’t seem to be losing any steam as we head into a new year. Contests that encourage followers to like, comment, and share are not only a proven method to boost Facebook engagement and follower count, but they can be a good way to create buzz around a new product. For health food brands, product announcements already generate extra engagement compared to other types of posts, so when the announcement is paired with a giveaway? That’s a recipe for success.

Beyond Meat: Link Sharing

Beyond Meat is a veteran of the health food brand industry, so it’s no surprise that it also dominates on social. The brand generated an engagement rate of 0.26% which is more than six times better than the median health food brand on Facebook. The plant-based meat company also maintains a steady posting frequency of a little more than two posts per week which is in line with how often other health food brands are posting on the platform.

Like its fellow foodie brands, Beyond Meat used Facebook to share several product announcements, including this major partnership with fast food brand KFC. The post below generated an engagement rate of 2.32% which is 58 times better than the median for similar brands on Facebook.

One of Beyond Meat's top Facebook posts features an announcement of its partnership with KFC.

Aside from featuring exciting news or product releases, many of Beyond Meat’s top-performing posts included a link. And according to our social posts analysis tool, posts with links generated the most engagement for health food brands compared to other types of posts.

Rival IQ's social post analysis tool shows both the popularity and engagement rate of common post types.

While Beyond Meat could mix in a few more posts with links to boost engagement, the brand is clearly seeing as much success on Facebook as it is in real life thanks to major partnerships and product development.

The Wrap Up

As health food brands continue to gain popularity in the food and beverage industry, expect their presence on social media platforms to get even more active.

What’s currently working for these brands on Facebook is announcing exciting company updates and product news, running giveaways, and sharing actionable links for their audience to learn even more about their products.

If you’re a social media marketer for a health food brand, take note of what these top-performing health food brands are doing well on Facebook so you can incorporate these trends into your own social media strategy.

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