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Rival IQ is now a proud member of the Quid family. With Quid's powerful suite of tools, we can provide our customers with a more deeply comprehensive view of brand perception on social media and beyond. Read more »

In-depth analytics on every channel

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Streamline your strategy with our tools

Custom Dashboards

Create and customize reports to use interactively or for export.

Scheduled Exports

Configure regular exports of any report in Rival IQ to be delivered via email–even to external collaborators or clients.

Multi-user Accounts

Simplify collaboration by giving everyone on your team their own login and email settings.


In-app and email alerts so you always know when your competitors post high-performing content.

Custom Branding

Export any report or chart in your (or your client’s) brand colors for seamless presentations.

Social Insights API

Fully integrate your Rival IQ social metrics into your app or favorite connected service.

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Free social media analytics

Run a totally free Head-to-Head report against your main competitor on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and see how you stack up without dropping a dime.

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