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Track your competition – know when they’re gaining followers, boosting posts or seeing high engagement.

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Benchmark the competition

Create context for your social media analysis by establishing specific performance benchmarks for yourself and your competitors. You can use this competitive analysis to compare future activity to past results, quickly and effectively highlighting areas of progress.

Reveal boosted posts

Our sophisticated machine learning helps you spot boosted content and gauge response. Use the knowledge to react quickly, copy successful posts, or secure additional budget to keep pace.

Include SEO in your analysis

Monitor how competitors are using page titles and meta descriptions to position themselves for search engines. Track keyword rankings, Domain Authority, and external links to evaluate your SEO strategy’s success. Additionally, Rival IQ provides insight into organic keyword rankings to help identify where you are pursuing similar terms to the competition—or where you have opportunities.

Track your landscape’s pay-per-click (PPC) spend to identify who is spending on keywords. Compare your spend to others to get a complete picture of the market.

“Rival IQ is a game-changer. Incredibly useful intelligence about the digital activities and successes of your competitors, delivered quick, easy and smart.”

Jay Baer

NYT Best-Selling Author & Founder of Convince & Convert

How to Research Your Competitors’ Social Media

Refine your social strategy by learning what works for your competitors. Our guide will help you through the process.

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