The Top 10 Health Food Brands on Twitter

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From low-calorie ice creams to protein-packed pancakes, health food has never tasted so good. But with so many healthy treats on the market, where do you go to find your new favorite health-conscious brands? If you’re like many people, you turn to social media. With all these brands vying for your attention, standing out can be challenging. But some companies are proving to be more social-media-savvy than others.

We took a look at the top 10 health food brands on Twitter that are showing that eating healthy can be fun, exciting, and tweet-worthy.

According to our report of the top 100 health food companies on social media, Twitter hasn’t been a major focus for health food brands. On average, these brands tweeted just 1.4x per week. So it’s perhaps no surprise that their engagement rate is rather low at 0.02%. Let’s see how top health food brands make the most of the Twitterverse.

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10 Health Food Brands Doing Twitter Right


RXBAR is known for being a clean snack. These protein-packed bars spell out exactly what’s in the bar on the front of the package, showing that they’re made with real ingredients and not packed with artificial flavors and sweeteners. And the brand has created quite an engaged following on Twitter. RXBAR’s engagement rate is 8.05%, an impressive 403x higher than health food brands’ average engagement rate on Twitter.

Like Spindrift, RXBAR can thank giveaways for their success. Of the 12 times RXBAR posted in this time period, eight tweets were giveaways. Brands tend to see more success on Twitter when they post on a more consistent schedule, but RXBAR took this idea one step further by having a consistent giveaway every week.

A spilt mug of coffee on a white table

Each Thursday, the brand sent out a post reminding people to tweet #RXBAR and #Giveaway to win an RXBAR and a coffee delivered to their door the following morning. This contest makes up RXBAR’s top seven tweets for this time period. The top-most-engaged tweet was the brand’s last one as a part of this ongoing contest, which coincided with International Coffee Day. The tweet earned a 30.1% engagement rate, 1,505x higher than health food companies’ average on Twitter.

2. Spindrift

Spindrift is putting their own spin on bubbly water. Made with real squeezed fruit, each can packs in the flavor. With the company dropping new product news all the time on Twitter, it’s perhaps no surprise that they earned an engagement rate of 1.62%, which is a whopping 81x higher than the average engagement rate for health food brands on Twitter.

Although the new product news may have given the brand an engagement boost, what really made Spindrift stand out on Twitter was their giveaways. All three of the company’s top three tweets for this time period were giveaways, but the brand’s most engaged tweet put a unique spin on this tried-and-true tactic.

Spindrift's fridge sampler stocked with their top picks clearly explaining what the winners will get if their tweet is picked.

Followers were asked to tag a friend in the replies. If their reply was chosen, both the poster and their friend won a Fridge Sampler pack of Spindrift. By doing a giveaway this way, Spindrift essentially asked their followers to introduce Spindrift to their friends.

The tweet received 628 replies, which potentially means that over 600 people were introduced to Spindrift through this tweet. Or they were reminded about Spindrift, at the very least, which is an important marketing tactic. Overall, the tweet earned an engagement rate of 14.8%, 740x higher than the average for health food companies on Twitter.

3. Forager Project

Forager Project creates organic plant-based foods with a specific focus on shaking up the dairy industry. And this health food brand has also been shaking up Twitter by being a voice for change. With an engagement rate of 0.38%, they clock in at about 19x higher than the average engagement rate for health food brands on Twitter.

The top tweet for this time period again proves that dropping a new product can boost your engagement. By advertising their new dairy-free yogurt pouches, the tweet earned an engagement rate of 1.22%, 61x higher than health food brands’ average. But this tweet is also tied into a different trend that gave Forager Project a boost on Twitter.

Health Food brand Forager's top tweet announcing the launch of a new product along with the hashtag organic holidays.

Of Forager Project’s 22 tweets from this time period, 18 of them were a part of a Twitter Party hashtagged #OrganicHolidays in which the brand engaged with other companies in the organic food space. Twitter Parties are live events where participants tweet with others to talk about a certain theme and can introduce your brand to new audiences. By being a part of the #OrganicHolidays Twitter Party, Forager Project brought attention to these other brands, but the other brands did the same in kind. This mutually-beneficial tactic is a great way to inspire new content, reach new potential followers, and boost engagement.

4. Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat creates plant-based meats that have become so popular they’ve not only started popping up at your local grocery store but also at Panda Express, McDonald’s, and other locations. And just like they’re taking the dining world by storm, they’re also causing quite a ruckus on Twitter. With an engagement rate of 0.29%, they clock in at about 14.5x higher than the average engagement rate on Twitter for health food companies.

Beyond Meat's top tweet included a giveaway with a photo that shows the products up for grabs on a grill.

Beyond Meat took part in one of the top trends we noticed for health food brands in 2022: posting giveaways. The brand’s second-highest tweet during this time period was a giveaway tied to Labor Day. Recognizing this day is a big one for cookouts and grilling, the brand posted the giveaway as an alternative to traditional burger patties. They offered meatless burgers and ground beef to two winners. With over 400 entries, the tweet earned more than 1,750 engagements. Those likes, replies, and retweets culminated in an engagement rate of 1.29%, which is 65% higher than the average for health food brands on Twitter.

5. Kodiak Cakes

Kodiak Cakes has changed the world of baking. Although many pancakes and waffle mixes tend to lack protein, Kodiak Cakes’ mixes are filled to the brim with whole grains, making them packed with protein and fiber. The health food brand has an engagement rate of 0.26%, which is about 13x higher than the average engagement rate on Twitter for health food brands.

The brand does a wonderful job keeping up with the conversation on Twitter, as proven by their multiple tweets regarding Fat Bear Week, a viral sensation that sees the internet vote for their favorite fat bear in Alaska’s Katmai National Park & Preserve every fall. But Kodiak Cakes’ top tweet exemplifies one of the trends we noticed across health food brands on social media platforms this year: influencer partnerships.


Screenshot of Kodiak Cakes' tweet sharing a video that shows Zac Efron's partnership with the brand. Hashtags with this tweet include #zacefron and #kodiakcakes.

Kodiak Cakes went above and beyond by partnering with a celebrity that embodies their fitness message, Zac Efron. The brand’s top tweet is a video announcing Efron as its new chief brand officer, making him a board member and stakeholder in the company. Vital Proteins previously found success with a similar method in 2020, during which Jennifer Aniston was named chief creative officer.

The video of Zac Efron joining Kodiak Cakes, in which Efron jumps into a canyon with other Kodiak Cakes employees, earned a 0.74% engagement rate. That rate is 37x higher than the average for health food brands on Twitter and shows that if you can partner with a big celebrity, you may just see big rewards on social media.

6. Rule Breaker

How is Rule Breaker breaking all the rules? By creating allergen-free snacks that taste just like (or perhaps even better than) their more sugar-filled counterparts. But Rule Breaker isn’t breaking Twitter rules. Instead, they’re playing into some of the top trends that help brands gain traction on the social media site. Rule Breaker’s engagement rate of 0.11% is 5.5x higher than the average on Twitter for health food brands.

Rule Breaker relies greatly on user-generated content (UGC) to help create a consistent posting schedule. With 63 tweets during this time period or about five posts per week, Rule Breaker posts more frequently than other health food brands. 23 of Rule Breaker’s 63 tweets were UGC or were resharing images from news publications.

Just in time for Halloween, Rule Breaker Snacks shared a tweet showing the front cover of the publication Allergic Living on which they were featured

Resharing posts allows Rule Breaker to spend less time worrying about what to tweet and more time engaging with their followers online. The brand’s top tweet reshared an article by Allergic Living in which Rule Breaker was ranked as one of the best allergy-friendly candies to give out on Halloween. The post received a 0.77% engagement rate, 38.5x higher than the average for health food brands on Twitter.

7. Dave’s Killer Bread

With 21 grams of whole grain per slice, Dave’s Killer Bread has changed the game when it comes to eating healthy. This organic bread brand boasts protein-packed and fiber-packed slices, making them perfect for your morning toast, lunchtime sandwich, and every snack in between. With an engagement rate of 0.098%, this health food brand’s engagement rate is about 4.9x higher than the average for health food companies on Twitter.

With a pun-filled brand voice and colorful photos, each of Dave’s Killer Bread’s tweets stands out. But the company’s top tweet may just go to show that, sometimes, simplicity is key. Captioned with just “21 Whole Grains and Cuteness,” the tweet shared a photo of a baby holding a loaf of Dave’s Killer Bread. The photo garnered an engagement rate of 0.28%, 14x higher than health food brands’ average on Twitter.

The picture of this cute baby holding a load of Dave's Killer bread would make anyone stop and smile, on Twitter or in person!

8. Hippeas

Packed with chickpeas, Hippeas delivers on fiber, protein, and taste. And just like Hippeas is doing snacking right, they’re also doing Twitter right. The brand’s engagement rate of 0.052% is 2.6x higher than the average of health food brands on Twitter.

Using Rival IQ you can visualize the top tweets for Hippeas and quickly notice that all tweets with the highest engagement rate by follower contain showcase the product front and center.

Like Enlightened, Hippeas is letting their product pictures do the talking. Nearly all of the posts published during this time period have dynamic photos that go along with the tweets. But the company’s top tweet goes to show that announcing new products can give you an immediate engagement boost.

Hippeas top Twwet announcing the launch of their veggie straws with a bright yellow product shot.

The tweet introduces Hippeas’s followers to their new Veggie Straws and shares an image of the two new flavors: Straight Up Sea Salt and Sour Cream & Onion. With an engagement rate of 0.18%, the post clocks in at 9x higher than the average engagement rate for health food brands on Twitter.

9. Enlightened

Enlightened is doing desserts differently. From pints of ice cream loaded with protein to low-carb cookie dough bites, these sweet treats have ditched the sugar in favor of healthier ingredients. With an engagement rate of 0.047%, Enlightened is 2.35x higher than the average for health food brands on Twitter. What makes Enlightened stand out is their crisp and clean product shots, but well-done photos may not work well on Twitter on their own. In addition to eye-catching images, they must be shared strategically.

One of the trends we noticed in our report of the top 100 health food brands on social media was that brands saw success across social media platforms by sharing new products. We found that posting new stuff led to at least a 20% engagement rate lift on Twitter. And this engagement rate lift is precisely what Enlightened saw when it posted its top-performing post during this time period.

A blurry product shot with a seasonal content notification overlayed on the image making it impossible to see what the new products are

In the tweet, Enlightened teased two seasonal flavors for the fall, asking followers to guess what would be released. The tweet received an engagement rate of 0.1%, 5x higher than the average engagement rate for health food brands on Twitter. The second-highest tweet is the brand’s reveal of the flavors: Pumpkin Cheesecake and Bake the World a Better Place. That tweet received an engagement rate of 0.088%, 4.4x higher than what health food brands typically garner on Twitter.

10. Almond Breeze

Almond Breeze is the largest-selling almond milk in the world, making them one of the most popular non-dairy milks on the market. And although non-dairy milks are essential for the 65% of people who experience lactose intolerance, half of all Americans drink dairy-free milk. So, it’s perhaps no surprise that Almond Breeze is in many Americans’ shopping carts and on their Twitter feeds. Almond Breeze’s engagement rate on Twitter is 0.043%, 2.15x higher than the average for health food brands in our report.

Screenshot of Health Food Brand Almond Breeze's Top Tweet

Almond Breeze tweets infrequently at a rate of just 0.21 posts per week, or about 6.7x less than the average for health food brands. However, they do an excellent job of joining in the public discourse on Twitter when they do post, helping their tweets to gain traction. Between August 25 and November 22, 2022, Almond Breeze’s top tweet stated, “On October 3rd, he asked me how I take my coffee. I told him it’s with Almond Breeze Extra Creamy.” This tweet may seem strange to some, but many others know it’s a reference to a scene from the 2004 comedy Mean Girls. On October 3, Twitter is filled with fans of the movie referencing this beloved scene. By joining in on the joke, Almond Breeze garnered an engagement rate of 0.078%, 3.9x higher than the average for health food companies on Twitter.

Taking One Final Bite

Although health food brands are largely not prioritizing Twitter, this list demonstrates that some companies are standing out from the pack. From repeated giveaways to getting the party started with Twitter Parties, these Twitter tactics are vital lessons for the health food world and beyond.

This ranking was created with analytics compiled between August 25 and November 22, 2022. Although all of these brands demonstrated high engagement during this time, many of them also lost followers. But it’s worth noting that may have occurred because this time period also encompasses when Elon Musk took over Twitter, which MIT reports caused a loss of over 1 million users.

To learn more about how your favorite health food brands fared on Twitter and other social media platforms, check out our report on the Top 100 Health Food Brands on Social Media. And to see more Twitter trends in action in 2022, check out our Social Media Industry Benchmark Report.

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