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Calling all the amazing agencies out there running socials for our favorite brands. We’ve compiled a list of the best social media analytics tools so you can consider your options no matter the size of your agency or budget.

Behind every impressive social media marketing strategy is a consideration for what the data tells us works. This is how agencies give their brands the upper hand—by crafting a unique social media presence that lives in the sweet spot between tailoring content to followers and utilizing the top posting strategies.

So, here’s to finding the best social media analytics tool to help your brands grow alongside your agency. Let’s get into it.

The Importance of Social Media Analytics for Agencies

At its core, social analytics is the roadmap that teaches brands how to best connect with their target audience on social media platforms. With the right tool, you can determine:

This list is far from complete but shows how valuable an analytics tool can be for agencies to help clients create an effective social media strategy and grow on social networks.

How to choose a social media analytics tool

Here are a few things to think about when choosing a social media analytics tool for your agency:

Now that you have a better understanding of what you’re after, let’s get into the top social media analytics for agencies so you can get analyzing.

Top Social Media Analytics Tools for Agencies

Free social media analytic tools’s sweet spot is Instagram and TikTok analytics, so if that’s where you want to help your clients shine, this is a great free option. You’ll get access to some key metrics that can help you assess a brand’s overall performance and identify areas for improvement, while their hashtag tracker can help you find where your clients’ target audiences are hanging out online.

Key features:

Price: Free with paid plans starting at $69/monthly's overview panel


Buffer is packed full of intuitive tools for agencies of all sizes. You can streamline your team’s creative process from the brainstorming phase to publishing, making it an ideal all-in-one type of analytics tool to manage any number of brands.

The paid plans are where you’ll get access to the engagement, analytics, and collaboration features, but their free plan comes with a few useful tools for up to three social channels.

Key features: 

Price: Free with paid plans starting at $6/monthly

Buffer's Analytics panel

Google Analytics

Did you know that Google Analytics can be used for social media marketing? While it’s not the most comprehensive tool for social media analytics, it could be worth adding to your marketing repertoire for even more insights into how you can help your clients’ brands grow, especially if your agency is already taking advantage of Google products.

Key features:

Price: Free

Google Analytics' welcome page

For Mid-Market Agencies


Hootsuite began offering a modest entry-level paid plan after doing away with their free option earlier this year. It does a good job covering the meat and potatoes of analytics, providing insights on essential social media metrics and super helpful management tools for agencies. The next tier up, you can add more users and social accounts as your agency grows.

Key features:

Price: Starting at $99/month with a 30-day free trial

Hootsuite's banner for their Social Analytics feature with a call-to-action to start a free trial.


iconosquare could be an especially suitable option for small to mid-size agencies, given its price point and range of features. The customizable dashboard comes with all the analytics, reporting, and listening tools you could need to shape a unique social presence for your clients, and you only pay based on the number of brands you’ll be tracking.

Recently, iconosquare has added LinkedIn and TikTok dashboards, integrated social listening for Facebook and Instagram, and included analytics for Instagram Reels so you can provide your clients with even more juicy insights.

Key features:

Price: Starting at $59/month with 14-day free trial

Iconosquare's Overview panel


Keyhole advertises itself as “so easy to use, you don’t need to be a data geek,” which is good news for those who like to keep things simple. Their starting plan covers Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even more social channels as you move up payment tiers.

In addition to all of Keyhole’s amazing analytic features that can inform how you help your brands create campaigns and shape brand awareness, agencies will appreciate having one place to manage publishing, team and client collaboration, shareable reports, and more.

Key features:

Price: Starting at $79/month with free trial

Keyhole's Profile Analytics panel with a sample report for Starbucks.

For Enterprise Agencies

Rival IQ

If you’re looking for a comprehensive tool that can satisfy all your agency’s social analysis needs in one place, Rival IQ could be a good fit— call us biased.

Our app provides detailed real-time insights on the metrics that help you better understand your followers, scale engagement rates, and give your clients a leg up on their competitors. When it comes time to show off those results, you can download customizable reports to share with your team and clients.

Start analyzing with a free Rival IQ trial.

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For a glimpse into the actionable insights you’d get with Rival IQ, run a free head-to-head competitor report to see how you measure up or check out our industry benchmark reports.

Key features:

Price: Starting at $239/month with 14-day free trial

Rival IQ's Social Posts feature analyzing the top Skincare brands.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is the social media arm of Zoho Corporation, a computer software and web tools company. They offer a slew of analytic-based services as well as management, AI, and integration tools that would be useful for agencies looking to centralize their organization.

Key features:

Price: Starting at $230/month for agencies with a 15-day free trial

Zoho Social's Summary report

Sprout Social

On the lookout for a two-in-one management and social media analytics tool?  Sprout Social could be for you. It’s got all the analytic tools to see what type of content has historically performed best for your brands and user-friendly reports so you can show off results to clients.

If you care about integrating other tools like Canva, Slack, or Google Drive, you can do that with Sprout as well.

Key features:

Price: Starting at $249/month with 30-day free trial

Sprout Social's Listening feature


Unlike most companies on this list, quintly calculates their pricing based on the number of profiles you want to analyze and the number of users on your account. So, no matter your choices there, you’ll have access to all of quintly’s analytics and reporting tools, making it a valid option for established agencies looking to scale their analytics plan alongside their growing business.

Key features:

Price: Starting at $315/month with a free demo

Quintly's sample reports showing Facebook total interactions, Twitter followers change rate, and Instagram's Organic impressions

Wrapping it up

Social media analytics is about so much more than just numbers. It’s about how that data can help brands shape their stories and foster a one-of-a-kind relationship with followers. For agencies who want to help brands show up online in a way that is both effective and true to their voice, social media analytics is a vehicle that can get you there.

We hope you come away from this list ready to get analyzing. Don’t forget to dig into some competitive analysis to see how your brand fares against your biggest rivals, or check out industry averages on our benchmark reports.

Haley Harrison

Haley is a freelance writer from Cincinnati, Ohio. She helps brands strengthen their presence on social media through authentic storytelling and SEO strategies. If she’s not writing or researching for her next piece, you can find her preparing for an upcoming travel adventure or relaxing at home with her dog.

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