Small Social Team, Big Results: Learn from Live Tinted’s Success

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It was a treat to be joined by Live Tinted‘s Brand Marketing Manager, Aya Diaz, on this episode of the Data-Driven Marketer webinar series to unlock the secrets to building a thriving beauty brand on social media with a 1.5-person social team.

In our recently published Top 100 Beauty Brands on Social Media Report, Live Tinted rocked on Instagram and TikTok by clinching a spot in the top 10 list on both these popular platforms. Along with host Seth Bridges, Aya delves into how the brand fosters a strong and inclusive community on social, leverages the superpower of its founder and influencer squad, and hones in on highly engaging content.

Watch the full interview for all the insights:

The audience was 🔥 with questions for Aya, who covered a wide range of topics, including time management strategies for a small social team, the tool stack the team uses (Dash Hudson and Asana were her top picks), and tricks to get camera-shy social media folks in front of the camera. Aya also shared the story behind Live Tinted’s viral headband video on TikTok, which has over 16M views, and her favorite collaboration with Rizos Curls. In the spirit of all things AI, she also discussed how the brand foresees content creation in the future. Watch the video for all the specifics and we’re sure you’ll uncover some pearls of wisdom.

Thanks again to Aya for her valuable insights on creating a stellar brand on social with a small but mighty team. We hope you got tons of inspiration!

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About Aya: Aya Diaz is a brand marketing professional with a passion for all things beauty. She adores the beauty industry’s innovation, growing inclusivity, and planet consciousness. She is a data-driven and creative brand strategist, passionate about building and growing online communities. Aya finds joy in working closely with other creatives and making storytelling come to life! When she’s not planning content for Instagram and TikTok, you’ll probably find her getting lost in the aisles at Ulta, hunting for her next purchase, or visiting every possible vegan restaurant in Los Angeles.

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