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We’re excited to announce a big expansion to Twitter analytics!

We’ve added tons of Twitter data previously available only in the native app so you can access all your social stats without leaving Rival IQ. We know this was a feature many of you were hungry for, so get out those bird emojis and Twitter GIFs and start celebrating! 🐦🎉

Here’s a tl;dr of everything you can do with these new Twitter features:

Want to hear more about these features? Watch this recorded webinar with Product Manager Tiffany Lin and Digital Marketing Manager Christina Everett that profiles all these new Twitter Analytics.

Crush your competition with even more competitive tweet metrics

We know tons of you are using Rival IQ to get a jump on your competitors, so a big part of these new Twitter analytics is all about that competitive visibility.

Tweet from Whole Foods about National Coffee Day with more than 5,200 video views.

This video tweet from Whole Foods had over 5,200 views.

Measure more with new private Twitter Analytics

Impressions and clicks are now available in our brand-new Twitter Analytics dashboard. If you’re a fan of our existing Instagram Insights panel that puts profile and post metrics at your fingertips, you’re going to love the new Twitter Analytics dashboard. Check out these metrics which will make your Twitter reporting even more accurate:

GIF of Jon Stewart eating popcorn

One of the first things you’ll notice when you click into this dashboard is that impressions are *everywhere*. We’re excited to include this critical data point all over our app with this update to give you an accurate sense of how many pairs of eyeballs are consuming your social.

New Twitter Analytics include Twitter impressions, tweets, engagement totals, and more.

Dive deep into your Twitter impressions.

We know this information is top of mind for savvy marketers, so we’ve built impressions data right into our At A Glance panel so you can understand your reach and the true context for your engagement data. We’re also including a new Twitter metric, engagement rate by impression, for more accurate engagement rates.

View your Twitter Analytics impressions and activity by day, week, or month

Spot patterns in your activity and impressions in this brand-new panel.

The activity & impressions panel is a great new way to get a sense of how you’re doing on Twitter. Easily toggle between monthly, weekly, and daily metrics for a sense of how your activity and frequency affect your followers’ interest in your Twitter content.

We know many of you are excited to be able to dig into reply engagement metrics for your competitors, so hold onto your hats–we’ve got that data privately too! A reminder that your Twitter engagement totals and rates now include replies as well, giving you an even more accurate picture of which of your tweets are scoring the most likes, retweets, and replies.

Pie chart of Twitter post types broken down by link, photo, status, and GIF

Tons of impressions data and insights in our new Post Type panel.

Speaking of getting granular with your tweet types, we’ve got a new and improved Post Types panel that breaks down the success of each of your post types. See whether your links, photos, statuses, videos, or GIFs are resonating most with your followers so you can tweak your strategy to include more of the winners. Plus, we can now distinguish between GIFs and videos to help you know exactly what’s working.

This panel also includes strategic insights to find outliers in your Twitter data and opportunities in real-time.

Hashtags now include impressions per tweet and engagement rate by impression

Check out new impression info in our hashtags panel.

We’d argue (and our Social Media Industry Benchmark Report definitely backs it up) that hashtags work the hardest on Twitter, which is why we’re introducing an improved hashtags panel for your private data. Quickly spot which hashtags are grabbing the most impressions and the highest engagement rate. (Pro tip: See exactly how many impressions your hashtags are getting, and then head back into competitive Twitter analytics to see which hashtags are working best for your competitors!)

GIF of boolean search for querying anything about your competitors' tweets

Use boolean search to find anything in your (or your competitors’) tweets.

Want even more control over your metrics? Use our intuitive boolean search to find anything you need, from hashtags to mentions to emojis.

Graphs of average daily tweets by published hour and average impressions per tweet by published hour

Find the best time to tweet by easily correlating the time of your tweet with its impressions.

All your favorite panels and queries from other channels are available in Twitter Analytics. Use our Post Times panel to see when your followers are engaging most with your tweets to help you know when to be online. Sort by tweet type to see whether your links, status updates, videos, or photos are performing best.

See how you’re really doing with in-depth profile data

We get it: sometimes, it’s all about you.

GIF of someone saying "#Me"

That’s why we’re rolling out a brand-new profile dashboard for all your private Twitter metrics at a glance.

Sample profile overview including following, followers/following ratio, listed, lifetime tweets, and lifetime likes in Twitter Analytics

The Twitter overview panel makes it easy to check in on the current status and absolute change of your handle’s activity over time.

Use this overview panel to check on your big Twitter stats:

We list both the current picture and absolute change over time (when possible) of these accounts so you can see how your account is doing. That absolute change column will change as you toggle the date range, so it’s a great place to go back in time to spot big jumps or declines.

Follower adds and removes over a three-month time period in Twitter Analytics

Visualize your follower changes and easily spot big fluctuations.

We heard from many of you that you love this follower panel in Instagram Insights, so we’re rolling it out for your private Twitter data as well. Seeing big changes in your follower counts is a great way to vet your content. If you see lots of adds in a day, it can indicate successful or even viral content. Lots of removes mean your content didn’t quite hit the mark.

Customize your Twitter analytics

Now that you’re up to speed on all the new built-in Twitter metrics in Rival IQ, it’s time to go off-roading.

GIF of someone falling over on a dirtbike

That’s right: we’re introducing an all-new custom dashboard totally focused on private Twitter Analytics alongside new Twitter tables and graphs for use in any of your existing dashboards.

New Twitter Analytics dashboard in custom dashboards includes tweets, impressions, activity, and more

The new Twitter Analytics custom dashboard is chock-full of Twitter stats.

Whether you’re monitoring your Twitter stats daily or just checking in every once in a while, our comprehensive Twitter Analytics dashboard is for you. This dashboard is all about your private Twitter data, so these metrics are focused on your performance and not your competition’s. We’ve got all your favorite Twitter metrics plus tons of helpful graphs and even top posts, including:

Add new Twitter analytics to any custom dashboard chart, like video views and replies

Add new Twitter metrics to any custom dashboard.

Not to worry, public data fans: we’ve got your competition needs covered in custom dashboards too. Add replies and video views to your existing Twitter dashboards for an even more complete picture of your Twitter performance. Insert these metrics on any dashboard for truly custom analysis.

How to access new Twitter metrics in Rival IQ

All this brand-new Twitter goodness is available in every existing Rival IQ account and trial. You’ll find the new competitive analytics throughout the “Competitive Public Analytics” Twitter dashboard, and there’s no need to connect anything new. To get started with private Twitter data, head over to the “Twitter Analytics” dashboard under “Your Private Data.”

Wrapping it up

We love Twitter because of how effortless it makes 1:1 connections between brands, celebrities, fans, and grumpy cats. These new Twitter metrics in Rival IQ make it easier than ever to see how you’re connecting with your fans so you can put your energy on Twitter where it really matters.

GIF of Laura Dern saying "I'm on Twitter, and, like, maybe we can follow each other."

Of course, there’s nowhere we’d rather hear from you about these new metrics than on Twitter. Let us know what you think!

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