How to Use the Instagram Stories Link Sticker (and Why You Should)

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Looking to add a link to your Instagram Story? You may be thinking that you’re out of luck. And if you’re not a verified user or boasting a following of over 10,000, that might have been the case just a few years ago. But as of 2021, adding a link to Stories is available for everyone if they know where to look.

Let’s get into how to add a link to your Instagram Story and why it’s a good idea to utilize this new feature.

What’s the Link Sticker?

The link sticker is the swipe-up feature’s replacement, which previously allowed Story viewers to swipe up to visit an outside link in the app. Stickers have been a part of Instagram Stories since 2017, and they’ve only grown since then. There are location stickers, poll stickers, time stamp stickers, and so much more. All are meant to make Instagram Stories more fun, functional, and visually appealing.

So it’s perhaps no surprise that Instagram created a link sticker when it decided to do away with the swipe-up feature. With a link sticker, creators can simply add the sticker to their Story and drive traffic to products and places off Instagram.

Why You Should Use the Link Sticker

If you’re using Instagram Stories, you should consider using the link sticker. The link sticker helps direct traffic off of Instagram and to where you’d like your audience to go. Because the URL is fully customizable, you can direct traffic wherever you’d like. If you have an event coming up, you can send your audience to buy tickets. If you’re a blogger, drive viewers to your latest post. Or if you’re selling a product, you could use the link sticker to send people to your shop.

Posting your products on Instagram Stories is a vital marketing strategy, as 58% of users say they’re more interested in a brand after seeing it in an Instagram Story, according to a 2018 Facebook-commissioned survey. But perhaps even more important is that 50% of users from the same survey have actually gone on to purchase from that brand after seeing it in Stories. By using link stickers, you’re helping your potential customers make purchases more quickly and efficiently.

If you’re building a business, you’ll also want to know if your marketing efforts are working. With the link sticker, you can track your link taps with your Story Insights. These analytics can help you see how your Instagram Stories are helping your brand grow. For more Instagram Stories data, check out our latest Instagram Stories Benchmark Report

How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Story

Follow these steps if you’d like to add a link to your Instagram Story:

1. Create your Instagram Story.

Open Instagram Stories and create or upload content before adding the link sticker

On the Instagram app, tap the circle with your profile picture and a white and blue plus sign where it says “Your story” at the top of your screen. Then, either record a Story or choose a photo or video from your Library to add to your Story.

2. Tap the sticker button.

Clck the Sticker icoon in the top right corner of your Story to view the complete list of stickers

The sticker button will be at the top of your screen. It looks like a smiling face in a square that’s peeling off the screen.

3. Select the link sticker.

The Stories link sticker

Once you tap the sticker button, all of your sticker options will appear. Here you’ll find the link sticker, a white rectangle with the word “LINK” written in blue next to a chain link symbol.

4. Add the URL.

After you tap the link sticker, a new page will appear. You’ll see a spot to write or paste in the URL you’d like the link to go to. Add the URL here.

Enter the link you want your audience to land on after clicking the link sticker on your Stories

5. (Optional) Customize your sticker text.

If you add the URL, Instagram will automatically create a shortened version of it to display on the link sticker. So you can go ahead and publish your Story right after adding the URL if you’d like. But you also have the option to change the sticker text to whatever you’d like it to say. On the same page where you added the URL, you’ll see underneath that it says, “Customize sticker text.” Tap there, and then type in what you’d like the sticker to display.

Customize the link sticker with text you want. here the text reads "Click for more info"

Changing the text to a clear call to action may be a good idea to help your audience know what you’d like them to do. Instead of just having a link to your new product, your text could say, “Click here to shop our new release.”

6. (Optional) Change the look of the Instagram Stories link sticker.

View your Story with the link sticker before posting it

After you finish adding the URL and the customized text, tap “Done” in the top right-hand corner. Now, you’ll go back to your Instagram Story. Tap where you see the link sticker to rotate through its design options.

What Happened to the Swipe-Up Feature?

When Instagram Stories first arrived in 2016, these 24-hour posts had no way to include a link. As a result, a poster needed to include in their Story “Link in Bio” to direct viewers to their profile, where they would find the link. This method was rather inefficient, so Instagram created a new way to lead audiences to places off of the app.

With the swipe-up feature, viewers could swipe up on a Story or tap an arrow at the bottom of their screen to access a link without departing the Instagram app or leaving their Stories to go to the creator’s bio to find the link. The only problem? Not everyone had this feature. Only verified accounts or ones with over 10,000 followers had access to this ability. Everyone else was stuck still using “Link in Bio.” But in August of 2021, the swipe-up feature was officially retired, with Instagram announcing that it was time for everyone to have the ability to add a link to their Instagram Stories.

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Wrapping It Up

Instagram’s algorithm is designed to reward engagement. So, what better way to boost your Instagram reach and expand your audience by leveraging the platform’s interactive stickers?

The link sticker has given all creators and businesses the ability to add a link to their Instagram Stories, unlike its predecessor, the swipe-up feature. With this new feature, you can place whatever URL you’d like in your Instagram Story. You can even customize the text to add a more direct call to action, like “Tap to Shop,” and change the color and look of the link.

Instagram Stories have proven to impact viewers’ buying choices, so adding a link sticker makes it even easier for your potential customers to make purchases. Whether you’re looking to boost traffic to a blog, sell your latest product, or get new customers for your services, link stickers can help your audience get where you need them to go.

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