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In our third and final webinar focused on Higher Education, we hosted Ellen Doepke of Michigan State University.

Ellen Doepke, Director of Social Media at Michigan State University, talked about the state of social media in higher education in this special edition of the Data-Driven Marketer.

Ellen, a born and raised Michigander who joined MSU with a background in journalism, shared tips on utilizing user-generated content, taking emotion out of decision-making with a metrics-first approach, and how to leverage competitive analysis to move social media goals forward.

We were thrilled to host such a transparent guest who weighed in on not only her social strategies but also MSU’s internal team makeup and social media education efforts across the campus community (skip to 19 minutes). We also got to ask tons of questions including channel-audience fit and deciding which channels to invest time and money into (skip to 27 minutes).

Watch the video for all the intel:

Ellen shared how her team regulates inappropriate comments on their university social feeds and shared MSU’s guide to commenting to inspire your team.

For all the latest Higher Ed info, read the Higher Education Social Media Engagement Report for 2020 with the full rankings of over 350 D1 college and university social media handles across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for insider insights on how this industry gets. it. done.

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