White-Label Reporting to Look Like You

Your organization put a lot of time into its branding. That’s why we let you build custom white label social media and SEO reports that let your brand shine.

Create Custom-Branded Reporting

By default, any reports you export from Rival IQ will feature our branding and logo. However, on select plans, you have the ability to build a custom report theme that matches your branding and your company’s signature look.

From the Landscape Settings Dashboard, you can set the logo and colors of your exports, including font and chart colors. We’ll even show you exactly what your report will look like while you edit, so you won’t have to re-export later if something doesn’t look exactly the way you need it to.

Building a beautiful custom report is a one-time setup that will save you hours of rebranding PowerPoint reports. It’ll still look like you spent the whole day on it, but it’ll only take you 17 seconds. Needless to say, your boss will be impressed, so don’t be surprised if your co-workers start asking you for PowerPoint advice.

White-Label Reports Customize

A Different Theme for Every Landscape

A lot of our clients, especially agencies, build reports that require more than one custom theme on a regular basis. That’s why our white label reports allow you to create a different custom theme for every landscape in your account.

You can have two different themes for each landscape. The first one is the default theme, which will exist across all landscapes. When you get started with Rival IQ, this default theme is set to our branding, but you can go in and add your logo and colors.

The other one is the custom theme, which is specific to each individual landscape. Agencies often find that what works best for them is to create a default theme with their agency branding and custom themes for each client in a different landscape. Remember, you can track as many landscapes as you want with all our plans. That’s a lot of white label reports!

White-Label Custom Reports Theme

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