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Cross-channel reports proved a quick and simple view of your social landscape with metrics like social audience sizes, activity, and engagement, including your most engaging cross-channel social posts.

The channel specific reports show where you rank against your competitive landscape for follower growth, activity and engagement including a breakdown of tweet type, and more.

You can see when your most engaging posts were posted and what types of posts gave you the most success so you can replicate that spark. We offer channel reports for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Learn more with integrations

Take advantage of our advanced Facebook Insights integration to create reports on specific reach, total consumptions, total consumption rate, and more. For Twitter, you can report on your top mentioners, your competitive landscape’s top mentioners, and your top mentions so you can see exactly who your biggest influencers are.

Broaden your understanding of your social marketing efforts by adding Google Analytics to your reporting. Show how social impacts overall website traffic and conversions. Save time on your analysis and reporting by using your Google Analytics data within Rival IQ. Easy-to- read graphs and shared configurations make it easy for multiple users to get insights quickly.

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Rival IQ’s rich set of options in accessing data provides you with the flexibility you need to get the job done. Every data set and report can be exported, and a robust custom chart builder means the view you want is never more than a few clicks away.

Not only does Rival IQ make accessing data easy, but scheduled reports can be sent to you. Schedule as many SEO or social media PDFs, PPTs, PNGs, or CSV’s to be sent to your inbox as often as you need. You can schedule default reports, or pick the exact charts that matter to you.

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