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Reports, dashboards, and alerts that put the info you need at your fingertips for smarter social strategy.

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Custom reporting for custom strategy

Custom dashboards: Select the charts and insights you need (and leave behind the ones you don’t) for at-a-glance social insights.

Custom branding: Make our reports look like your reports for a seamless experience.

Scheduled exports and alerts: Top insights and reports delivered straight to your inbox when you need them.

See what your competition is up to

Competitive benchmarking: Create context for your social success by keeping a close eye on your competitors’ performance.

All major channels supported: Compare every like, comment, and post from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest in one centralized and easy-to-understand platform.

Boosted post detection: Our machine learning will show you if a competitor boosted a Facebook post so you can react quickly or copy a successful strategy.

Analyze the audience behind the like

Facebook and Instagram Insights: Dig into exactly who your fans and customers are and how they’re engaging with your posts and Stories.

Google Analytics: Own your web traffic with the best of Google Analytics so you can learn exactly how your customers are getting to you, and what they do once they arrive.

Facebook and Instagram Ads: Strengthen your social ad performance with comprehensive data and automated insights.

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