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If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Our social media tracking tools will help you understand your success and your opportunities so you can get more followers, boost engagement, and increase your social media marketing ROI.

Understand Audience Growth

See when growth happens and what drives it.

When it comes to tracking social media, the visible metric is the growth of fans and followers across your competitive landscape. With Rival IQ, you can track the growth of all your social profiles — and those of your competitors — at once.

Our tools are a great way to measure social media success on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. We even take it a step farther and store all your historical data, so you can compare your growth rate to previous business cycles, like Christmas or another major event.

Social Media Tracking Audience Growth

Measure and Increase Engagement

New fans are great, but are they actually interacting with your posts?

While social media growth is important, most social media marketers want to make sure their fans are engaged continuously.

With Rival IQ, you can track social media engagement rate and overall engagement by type, over time, and more across your competitive landscape. See what content performs best, what post types get the most engagement, and when your most engaging posts get published.

This data will enable you to maximize your future social marketing efforts by giving you the information you need to maintain audience engagement, share valuable content, and build meaningful conversations with your audience.

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Social Media Tracking Engagement Rate

Identify Key Influencers

Knowing the right people is an important part of social marketing. But who are those “right people,” and where can you find them?

Top Mentions by Company

Get an understanding of which companies in your competitive landscape earn the most — and broadest — attention from influencers on Twitter.

Dig in and get the details on any company’s mentions, including who mentioned them, when they were mentioned, and how often they were mentioned. Plus, this chart is interactive, so you can sort by any of the columns.

For a more detailed run-down, click “See Mentions” to take a look at the top mentions, the overall average sentiment, the number of engagements by type on each mention, and the sentiment of each separate mention for each brand in your competitive landscape.

Social Media Tracking Top Mentions


You can view either your brand’s top mentioners or the top mentioners across your entire competitive landscape from this dashboard.

We’ll show you each mentioner’s reach, the number of times they mentioned you or your competitors, total engagement on those mentions, and which brand in your competitive landscape that they mentioned. Dig deeper to get the full details on every mention, including sentiment.

Social Media Tracking Top Mentioners

Mentions and Sentiment

Our Mentions dashboard shows you all the top mentions across your entire competitive landscape, including retweets, favorites, total engagements, and sentiment. You can sort by influencer reach, total engagement, positive sentiment, and negative sentiment.

Being able to sort by sentiment can be especially helpful. When you see an influencer showing positive interest in you on social media, it gives you the opportunity to reach out to them directly and build a meaningful relationship.

Social Media Tracking Top Mentions Sentiment

Track Social Bios and Profile Links

Because social media is more than social posts.

Social Bio Tracking

If you just want to see all your competitors’ Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+ bios in one place, you can create a custom chart featuring all the bios in your competitive landscape for each social channel.

Bio Change Alerting

We’ll keep an eye on every social bio and profile link in your competitive landscape and will let you know when something changes. You can find this feature in our alerts dashboard.

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Social Media Tracking Competitors

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