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Revolutionize your analysis with Post Tags for the ultimate flexibility in comparing the KPIs that matter most to you.

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Measure anything and everything

Tag it all: Keep track of tagged posts in one centralized and customizable dashboard.

See what works best so you can do more of it: Track campaigns, content types, themes, and more.

Tag out the competition: Know what’s resonating on social in your industry.

Optimize your social

Set it and forget it: Create auto-tag rules to tag your content (and your competitors’) without lifting a finger.

Track your influencer performance: Tag posts that mention your brand or product to see which influencers are really creating buzz.

Enhance your visuals: Spot visual trends by tagging posts by color scheme or text overlay to see which images you should be featuring in your posts.

“Rival IQ helped prove what we had suspected about our social strategy, confirming the content themes that provided a powerful connection with our audience.”

Gabby Geier

Senior Manager of Digital Marketing
Lung Cancer Alliance

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