Scheduled Reports & Exports. Automatic. Awesome.

Simplify your life and automate your social media and SEO reporting with our report scheduler. With a one-time setup, you can get your favorite SEO and social media reports sent directly to your inbox as often as you need.

Schedule Any Report. Period.

We don’t believe in limitations, especially when it comes to scheduling reports.

If you want to keep it simple, you can start by scheduling any of the pre-built PowerPoints, spreadsheets, and PDFs we’ve created in the reports dashboard view, but you don’t have to stop there.

You can easily schedule our Twitter mentions and mentioners reports, Facebook Insights reports, and any other graph or chart we’ve created for you. You can even select your preferred format, whether it’s a beautiful PowerPoint with your branding or a simple PNG. You tell us what to graph, how to graph it, and how often you want to see it.

You’re not limited to our pre-built charts and reports when it comes to scheduling. We’ll let you schedule your custom Twitter graphs, Instagram charts, and whatever else you’d like to see in your inbox.

Pro Tip: “Star” your favorite charts and any that you might want in your weekly reporting. You’ll then be able to find them under “My Charts,” where you can schedule them all in one fell swoop. You can even reorder charts so your reports look exactly the way you want them.

Scheduled Reports for Social and Web Metrics

What You Need, When You Need It

Whether you do reporting every day, month, or quarter, we can help you schedule reports and exports.

No two companies are on the exact same reporting schedule. If you’re with an agency, you might even have different clients on completely different reporting schedules.

Need a mentioner summary every day? We can do that. Need a quarterly report summary? We can do that, too. With our report scheduling tool, you just need to select that report (which you can even rename), set the report frequency to either daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, set the reporting period (which varies based on reporting frequency), and add your recipients.

One more note about adding recipients. With our scheduled email reports, you can automate delivery to clients or colleagues that don’t have a Rival IQ account. Your clients and coworkers will love not having to remember another login, and you’ll love having added control over what exact reports and charts other see.

You can even add different recipients for each scheduled report, a feature that comes in handy if you have a big team.

Scheduled Reports Export

Scheduled Report Dashboard

The easiest way to manage your scheduled reports and exports.

Sometimes your reporting schedule changes, and sometimes you may find that you don’t need to get specific reports anymore. To keep our platform easy-to-use, we created a scheduled report dashboard so you can easily manage your scheduled reports and exports all in one place.

In your scheduled report dashboard, you can edit the names and recipients of existing reports or delete specific reports. You can also easily download all past runs of each report by clicking on any row in the list to show its history.

Scheduled Reports Dashboard

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