Social Media Reporting Tools

Just because social media reporting is a huge aspect of your job doesn't mean it should take up all of your time. At Rival IQ, we work to make it easier and faster than ever for you to build the exact social media report that you need.

Amazing Social Media Reports

Whether you’re looking for overall themes or intricate details, our marketing reports can be customized specifically to your needs. Here’s a look at a few of the different types of reports we offer.

Cross-Channel Reports

It doesn’t get more big-picture than this. Our cross-channel report gives you a quick and simple overview of your brand’s social success and shows you how you stack up against your competitive landscape across all your social marketing platforms.

In these social reports, you’ll find overviews of social audience sizes, activity, and engagement, including your most engaging cross-channel social posts.

Twitter Marketing Top Social Content

Channel-Specific Reports

Our channel reports help you see how you rank against your competitive landscape for follower growth, activity and engagement including a breakdown of tweet type, and more.

You can see when your most engaging posts were posted and what types of posts gave you the most success so you can replicate that spark. We offer channel reports for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Twitter Marketing Top Social Content

You can also take advantage of our advanced Facebook Insights integration for any pages that you have admin access to. These detailed reports include specific reach, total consumptions, total consumption rate, and more.

For Twitter, you can report on your top mentioners, your competitive landscape’s top mentioners, and your top mentions so you can see exactly who your biggest influencers are.

Sample Reports

  • Twitter Overview
  • Facebook Top Content
  • Instagram Top Content
Twitter Marketing Top Social Content

Time-saving Powerpoint Reports Make You Look Great

Client-ready Reports in Two Clicks

If you’re looking for a social media PPT export that gives you all the data we have, you’re going to love our combination PowerPoint reports. We offer three combination reports: all-channel summary, all detailed metrics, and a complete landscape review.

Twitter Marketing Top Social Content

Complete Landscape CSV Reports Give You All the Data

Spare no Details

Our complete landscape CSV reports are perfect if you prefer to take a deep dive into your social data. You can export all metrics over a time period, all metrics with daily values, or competitive landscape social positioning.

Social Media Reporting CSV Exports

Insights Galore With Our Custom Chart Builder

If we have the data, we can build the exact chart you need.

We get it, sometimes you need a super-specific Twitter graph or another social media chart that you couldn’t find when browsing our reporting dashboards. Our solution? We let you make your own.

We offer bar charts, line charts, 2D comparisons and more. No need to export the raw data and fight with Excel week in and week out—once you build the chart the first time, we’ll keep updating it as long as you want.

Social Media Reporting Custom Charts

If You See It, You Can Export It

You can export every single chart and report in Rival IQ in the file type you need, whenever you need it.

Scheduled Exports

With our scheduled reports, the days of blocking off a few hours every Monday for reporting are a thing of the past. Schedule as many SEO or social media PDFs, PPTs, PNGs, or CSVs to be sent to your inbox as often as you need. You can schedule our pre-built full reports or pick the exact charts that matter to you.Learn More About Scheduled Exports

Social Media Reporting Scheduled Exports

Customized Branding & White Label Reports

Personally, we love our branding, but we completely understand if you’d rather your reports look like, well, your brand. After all, you’ve spent a lot of time developing your brand’s signature look. Learn More About Customized Branding & White Label Reports

Social Media Reporting Custom Reports

Master Your Keywords With Our SEO & SEM Reports

Because social media is only part of the digital marketing picture.

In addition to our social media reporting tools, we offer SEO and SEM reports that give you a quick overview of how many keywords you rank for, which keywords you rank for, how much organic search traffic you see each month, how many external links you have, what your domain authority is, and how you compare to your competitive landscape.

You can judge the strength of your organic search presence and get Adwords insights for yourself and your competitors. Dig into Adwords traffic, keyword count, and an approximate monthly spend from our SEO & SEM summary report.

We also offer detailed reports for more insight into your keywords, landscape keywords, SEO positioning, and more.

Sample Reports

  • SEO Landscape Keywords
  • SEO Positioning
  • SEO Detailed Metrics
  • Overview
Social Media and SEO Reporting

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