Seamless Collaboration with Multi-User Accounts

Share landscapes with your team and keep your own personal setup. You'll stay focused and streamline your analysis. Analyzing data is always fun with a team!

Collaborating and Analyze as a Team

The best analysis is done in collaboration - get your team on the same page with Multi-User Accounts.

Personal Logins for Each Team Member

Every member of your team has unique needs. With personal logins, your team can customize thier own Rival IQ experience while collaborating efficiently.

Focus Your Scheduled Exports

Automation makes your life easier. With individual logins, your team can set up personalized scheduled exports - keeping their focus on what's important.

Manage Multi-User Accounts

Manage Your Team's Accounts Easily

Gain better access control while your employees enjoy individualized customer support.

When someone leaves your company or agency, you can easily revoke their Rival IQ access. It's that simple.

Don't worry about changing passwords or trying to figure out what their password was. You have all the control you need for a seamless experience.

Easily invite new users

Ready to start collaborating on analytics?

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