Create Custom Dashboards with Your Favorite Charts

From building custom charts to finding your favorite pre-built charts in one place, you’ll love how easy our custom dashboards make it to access, review, and analyze your most important digital marketing metrics.

Get Laser Focused with Custom Reporting

The best social media dashboard is the one that you can customize with exactly the charts you need.

Landscape Comparisons for Any Metric

Our motto is, if we have the data, we can build a chart with it. We report on over 100 different metrics relating to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Google Analytics, SEO, and SEM, and you can set up a custom landscape comparison chart for any of those metrics in just a few clicks.

Custom Social Media Dashboard Compare Platforms

Combine Concepts and Platforms

Sometimes it’s difficult to get the complete picture of your performance with a single metric. With our custom chart creator, you can combine concepts, like activity and engagement, in a 2-axis chart.

For example, you can plot the number of tweets in time period along with engagement to see how the frequency of tweeting affects engagement across your competitive landscape.

You can also compare the performance of two different social websites. See when brands in your landscape have a high engagement rate on Twitter, but not Facebook.

Custom Social Media Dashboard Combine Metrics

View Change and Evolution Over Time

We enable you to plot almost all of our metrics by day, week, or month to see how things like follower count, engagement rates, and engagement count perform and change over time.

This makes it possible to discover ongoing trends across your competitive landscape, pinpoint breakout content, and more.

Custom Social Media Dashboard Evolution Over Time

Find Your Favorite Charts in One Place

A one-stop shop for the go-to reports you rely on every week and month.

Rather than have you dig through our pre-built dashboards for your favorites every time you need to build a report, we’ve built a dashboard that’s completely customizable.

Add any pre-built charts by clicking the star next to the chart name. You can even adjust the order of your charts to save time when you build your reports. If you have multiple landscapes, you can build a completely different favorite charts custom dashboard for each one.

Plus, every custom chart that you create with Rival IQ automatically gets added to your custom dashboard.

Just like with all of our other reports and dashboards, you can export your entire My Charts dashboard as a PPT or PDF, email it, or schedule it in just two clicks. It’s the easiest way to do periodic reporting on just the things that are most important to you.

Custom Social Media Dashboard Favorite Charts

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