Competitive Analysis for the Strategic Marketer

Your business doesn’t live on an island. At Rival IQ, we give you the competitive analysis tools you need to rise above the other brands in your landscape.

Dial in Your Social Media Competitive Analysis

See how quickly your competitors are gaining followers, how often they post, their average engagement rate, and what their most successful posts look like.

Whether you’re an entry-level social media coordinator or a senior marketing director, looking at your social media competition can help you do your job more effectively, including when it comes to growing your audience, engaging with your fans and customers, and enhancing your overall social media strategy.

However, social media competitive analysis isn’t just about keeping tabs on what your competitors are doing. Truly great competitive analysis will help you create informed benchmarks and build a competitive marketing campaign that accomplishes your business goals.

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Social Media Competitive Analysis

Curated Competitive Reports Save You Time

So, what is competitive analysis? For us, it’s analyzing how your competitors are marketing to extract valuable insights that will help you position your business more intelligently and effectively.

Digital marketing competitive research can be an incredibly time-consuming process. From deciding which competitors to track to putting together a full competitive analysis template, even the planning can feel like a time-suck.

Setting up your competitive analysis is as easy as telling us which competitors you want to track in your marketplace. We’ll conduct the competitor research, create the template, and build the competitive analysis report.

We offer a variety of ways for you to review and share your analysis, including our pre-built dashboards, curated PPT reports, custom dashboards with your favorite charts, scheduled reports and exports, and more.

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Competitive Analysis Reports

Expose Your Competitors' Boosted Posts

Gain insight into the behavior of competitors, spotting boosted content and analyzing response. Use this knowledge to react quickly, copy successful posts, or secure additional budget to keep pace.

Rival IQ’s boosted post detection uses sophisticated machine learning to predict whether a competitor likely boosted any given organic Facebook post. This capability is a window into the strategic vision of the competition, allowing you to understand how boosting impacts your landscape’s engagement rate.

Combining paid and organic data in a single report delivers a single vision of your social landscape, giving you a more complete picture of your competitors strategies. Additionally, with Rival IQ’s easy interface, you can view only likely boosted posts or exclude likely boosted posts. These filters make it easy to do a complete analysis of Facebook activity, whether paid, organic, or a blend.

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Boosted Posts

Pinpoint Keywords with SEO Competitive Analysis

Our tools allow you to identify which keywords you rank for, which keywords your competitive landscape ranks for, and which keywords you should be ranking for.

SEO Positioning Reporting

See how your competitors are using page titles and meta descriptions to position for SERPs and SEO. We help you monitor your competitors’ brand positioning by tracking changes to their homepage titles, meta descriptions, and screenshots of their homepage.

Competitive Analysis SEO Positioning

SEO Metrics

Keywords and rankings are an undeniably important aspect of SEO success, but it doesn’t tell the full story. We help you measure your Domain Authority and external links so you can get a fuller idea of how well your SEO strategy is performing overall.

Competitive Analysis Domain Authority

SEO Organic Keywords

When it comes to competitive analysis in SEO, we think that there are two major factors to consider: what keywords you have in common with your competitors, and which keywords your competitors rank for, but you don’t.

  • Keywords in Common: This report breaks down where the keyword battles are in your landscape. It shows you the keywords where you have a horse in the race and where you’re completely absent.
  • Top Keywords Where You Don’t Rank: This report is another money report for SEO. We’ve done all of the heavy lifting to show you the keywords that your competitors are ranking but where you’re absent. This is opportunity on a platter. Eat it up.
Competitive Analysis Keywords Common

SEM Metrics

Who’s spending big money on PPC? We give you the inside scoop on paid search campaigns by comparing your adwords spend against others in your competitive landscape.

Competitive Analysis SEM Metrics

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