Top Social Media Do’s and Don’ts in Higher Education

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In this final edition of our Higher Education-focused webinars, our guest Corynn Myers, SimpsonScarborough’s Director of Brand and Integrated Strategy, shared her take on what’s working and what’s not in Higher Education social media in 2022.

Along with hostĀ Seth Bridges, Corynn delves into patterns that cause Higher Ed social media and marketing teams to underperform, tactics for digital teams to build trust with their leadership, and strategies to manage student creators on TikTok. Throughout the interview, Corynn emphasizes the importance of a thoughtful content strategy to achieve social media success.

Watch the full interview for all the insights:

If you’d like to see how your school stacks up on social, check out our 2022 Higher Education Social Media Engagement Report or the 2022 D2: Higher Education Social Media Engagement Report, depending on which NCAA Division your institution falls under. We’ve got the complete rankings for every college and university across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, along with top trends and tons of examples!

You can also learn how the top D1 schools are getting As on their social media report cards by tuning into our two-part Higher Ed Social Media Webinar series, where panelists from the University of Iowa, Utah State University, Georgia Tech, and Ohio University share their secrets. Catch the live recordings of Part 1 and Part 2 in case you missed it.

If you have more questions about social media metrics or how to be a guest on the Data-Driven Marketer, reach out to us onĀ Twitter.

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