Elevate your Social Reporting with Rival IQ’s Newest Features

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Rival IQ’s newest features will help you easily spot patterns in your social data, deepen your analysis, and customize your social reporting needs.

Our Product Manager Denna Bettini will walk you through five key new features included in our latest product update in the video below.

New Activity & Engagement Rate Visualization

This new panel is designed to help you stack rank your competitive landscape by posting frequency or engagement rate, mapped over the time period of your choosing (also, one of the new features!). You can further filter your analysis by post type, post tag, or keyword, and those filters will be applied to the new time series chart. And don’t forget to hover over the time series chart to “View Content” and see exactly what you posted.

Top vs. Bottom Posts Layout

There’s a reason this is Denna’s favorite new feature. This new layout lets you compare your top- and worst-performing posts in a side-by-side visual to spot patterns in your social posts quickly. The posts are sorted by engagement rate by default, but you can switch that, depending on your preference. To get more granular in your analysis, you can also filter by Post Type and Post Tags.

Time Series Grouping

Every time series chart in Rival IQ can now be grouped by day, week, or month to help you identify trends effortlessly. Changing the interval in any chart will update all the time series charts and sparklines to maintain consistency in your analysis until you change the time period or start a new session.

Automated Popular Topics Observations

We’ve added observations to Popular Topics in the Social Posts dashboard to make competitive insights easier to access. Observations tell you what topics generate the highest engagement rates for your landscape’s most broadly used topics.

Private Data Aggregation

This new feature allows you to compute flexible aggregations, like sums and medians, when analyzing private data for multiple handles. You can have CSV exports of your private metrics at the handle level or the post level. These new data aggregation features are available in Custom Dashboards for all Engage Pro and enterprise accounts. Let us know if you’d like to upgrade your account and start aggregating.

Wrapping Up

We hope these new features will make your social reporting life a lot easier. Feel free to play around, click that View More button, and when in doubt, reach out to your Rival IQ team!

Maria Mundaden

Maria loves digging into all things digital marketing. From SEO to paid ads to oodles of social media posting and analysis, she's constantly trying to reach potential customers authentically with just a mild amount of stalking. Outside of work, Maria loves to travel with her family, spend time paddle-boarding and bake up some fruity goodness.

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