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Do more with your content analysis by implementing custom tags into your social strategy, with Rival IQ’s brand new feature Post Tags.

In this video I walk through our latest features fresh from the product team here at Rival IQ. Post Tags with Auto-Tag rules is a great way to see how different strategies, tones, products and more resonate with your audience online. With Post Tagging, you can implement a team-wide tagging strategy that allows you to get the answers you’re looking for more efficiently. Auto-tag rules let you set it and forget it so that new posts coming in are categorized exactly how you intend.

Hear exactly how and where to get started with post tagging and listen in as I take live questions from real users in the video here:


Ready to master Post Tags? Don’t miss the full tutorial post outlining all the possibilities of this new feature set and giving some great analysis examples to get you started.

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Tiffany Lin

Product Manager Tiffany Lin joins us from Faithlife in Bellingham, WA and helps deepen our UW CSE connection. In 2015, she earned her B.S. in Computer Engineering with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction. We’re certainly glad to have Tiffany adding her UX skills along with her engineering talent working to manage the product here at Rival IQ. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, Tiffany loves the beach but is a horrible swimmer. Outside of work, Tiffany’s a traveler, working her way through our National Parks.

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