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Vine, a mobile app that allows users to post six-second long videos, has caught the attention of over 40 million users. While most of these users are just the “average Joe” creating fun videos, a number of companies have recently jumped on the Vine bandwagon. On a quest to be innovative and creative in their marketing strategy, these companies took the risk of experimenting with Vine, and it seems to be paying off. Here are my five picks for best company Vine accounts.

5. Urban Outfitters

Known for their stylish and sometimes quirky apparel, Urban Outfitters takes fifth place for best Vine account. With videos featuring new apparel, concerts, and competitions, this is one Vine account you can count on for being creative and entertaining.

After seeing that video, anyone who is ever in the market for a backpack will certainly remember the Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack. Featuring products in a fun and creative way makes it feel less “selly”, while still accomplishing the goal of getting your product seen.

Confession: I squealed out loud when I saw this. It’s not necessary to always feature your product or service in company videos. Sometimes it’s nice to show the “human” side (or in this case, the Bulldog side) of your company, and let others have a peak into what goes on behind the scenes. To check out more of Urban Outfitters’ videos, visit their Vine account here.

4. Dove

In fourth place is Dove. Known for empowering women to embrace their unique beauty, Dove continues to deliver this message through their Vines.

Dove is a great example of how Vine can be used to further enhance your existing marketing strategy. Using the hashtag #girlsunstoppable, videos are posted with the purpose of inspiring and supporting women.

In addition to inspirational quote videos, Dove also uses this hashtag to spotlight different women explaining what Girls Unstoppable means to them. Featuring people that support your brand is a great way to build trust with your Vine followers. To see more of Dove on Vine, click here.

3. Taco Bell

When Taco Bell retired their Chihuahua, I was very disappointed. Then they joined Vine and all was right in the world again. Taco Bell takes the number three spot for best Vine account because their videos are extremely creative. Whoever is behind their Vine account is, simply put, a genius.

What better way to welcome fall than a Taco Bell sauce packet tree? A word of advice – take note from Taco Bell for their creativity. Vine is a place where you don’t have to take yourself too seriously. Have fun and let loose!

Taco Bell let’s their Vine followers know when they are releasing new and exciting items to their menu with fun videos. Make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to fill your followers in on exciting new products, company updates, etc. To see more of Taco Bell’s creative videos, click here.

2. Lowe’s

Lowe’s takes the number two spot for best Vine account because they post the best life hack videos ever. With their hashtag #lowesfixinsix, Lowe’s posts home improvement videos in just six seconds. If you want to learn extremely valuable information, you should be following Lowe’s on Vine.

Tell me you aren’t seriously happy that you just watched that. Now you’ll never scream “screw you” to a stripped screw again. Lowe’s is known for their home improvement, which is reinforced with their Vine account.

For more awesome life hack videos, check out Lowe’s on Vine here.

1. General Electric

The number one spot for best company on Vine goes to none other than General Electric. GE posts the coolest science experiments using the hashtag #sixsecondscience. Known as an innovative and forward thinking company, posting science videos on their Vine is very appropriate. Here are some of my favorites.

What better way to celebrate Gravity Day than watch people float around in zero gravity eating apples? The answer is none.


The lesson to learn from GE’s Vine account: be creative, stop motion is your friend, and be true to your brand. For more awesome science goodness, check out the rest of GE’s Vines here.

Honorable Mention: Red Vines

I know this is a top 5, but I just couldn’t leave out Red Vines. Their Vines are lighthearted, silly, and they make me laugh.

Whoopi looks great as a Redhead, don’t you think? Sometimes it’s OK to be on Vine for the simple sake of having fun and entertaining your followers – and Red Vines shows us exactly how to do just that.

Key Takeaways

There you have it, the top five (plus an honorable mention) companies on Vine. Now for a little review session.

What are your favorite companies to follow on Vine?



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