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Welcome to the latest product update from your favorite competitive tracking team! We’ve got some hot new features in this release, so read on, and then check it out!

Kicking off with shoutout time. You folks are greater than a warm cup of cocca after a long day of skiing. Big thanks to: IanS, TimR, ClintW, TraciF, BuzzB, MaritaR, WilM, WillC, LynnR, MattT, IrinaM, ScottA, DavidP, BardiaA, BradB, AivarasR, RussellB, JanH, MarkH, and DaveP.

Rival IQ, Now With Profiles and Other Goodies

After spending our previous sprint getting ready to leave beta, we were back to building features this time (we know, it makes us happy, too). With the lure of the now snow covered mountains (company ski day anyone?) and the imminent arrival of the second Rival IQ baby, we spent the last two weeks in an even more focused state than usual. Speaking of focus, let’s get to it.

If you have ever found yourself using Rival IQ and thinking, I wish there were an easy way for me to track many distinct sets of companies, each with their own focus company and tags, this release is for you! Profiles are now available, and we have enabled this feature (part of our Agency plan) for all of you to try.

What else? Here are the full details of what’s waiting for you in Rival IQ :

Here is a look at the new profile manager:


And the dashboard details when you mouse over the graphs:


What’s next at Rival IQ?

Certainly, there is no shortage of features and improvements that we can make in Rival IQ. Over the next couple of months, we’re planning to cover the waterfront, making improvements in summarizing information from the data that we’re presenting currently, introducing more flexibility in our page change following system, and adding new data sources (e.g. Google+) to Rival IQ. Pile on some technical debt, a little bug fixing, and implementing good ideas that come from you all (hint, hint), and we’re not worried about being idle.

Help us out!

Find something that confuses you, frustrates you, or you think is missing? Let us know so that we can make it better! Find something you love? We like hearing about those things, too.

Tell your friends and co-workers about Rival IQ. Each of us at Rival IQ see every piece of feedback that comes in through our support channels. More folks using the product means we get more feedback. Tell your people about Rival IQ. They’ll thank you, and we’ll use their input to make the product better. Everyone wins.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Rival IQ Team: John, SethP, and Doc

Seth Bridges

Hey there, I'm Seth, one of the co-founders of Rival IQ, where I stay busy working on product design and marketing! When I'm not working, I'm probably playing with my sons. Follow me on Twitter for rantings and opinions on all the things.

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