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Using data to improve your social strategy just got a whole lot easier! Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Social Posts, the most impactful tool we’ve ever built. Social Posts crunches on thousands of posts to summarize every piece of your landscape’s social performance. And, to help you dig deeper, we make it easy to search posts from companies across your landscape.

We know how important social content is for social media marketers. With Social Posts, we made it easy for you to you analyze what social content is working across your landscape and answer key questions that drive your social strategy and tactics.

Social Posts Gives You Deeper Competitive Insights to Improve Strategy & Execution

Using data to inform your social strategy can be difficult and very time consuming. Social Posts simplifies your analysis with easy to navigate visualization and actionable insights. With Social Posts, you can analyze popular hashtag usage, the most effective social channels, the best time to post, what to post, and more.

Social Posts summarizes social activity and engagement by pulling every single post in your competitive landscape and presenting it in one, comprehensive view. Sort through hundred of thousands of social posts from across your landscape using the breakdowns that matter most to you — hashtag, keyword/phrase, emoji, and more!

Just take a look at all the different ways auto companies tried to optimize on #LeapDay!

Hashtag search with social posts

With Social Posts, you can now easily track social campaigns. Just enter a hashtag into our search box and we’ll deliver your full Social Posts Analysis, but focused on the posts using your hashtag or keyword of choice. Marketing is all about staying ahead of the competition by effectively fostering your customers’ interests. Now you can easily discover and analyze your competitors’ social campaigns so you can one step ahead.

Search campaign metrics using social posts

Check out the engagement on Mini USA’s #BrandNewMini social campaign

With Social Posts, you’ll have all the details you need to make data driven decisions that inform your social media strategy, improve your execution, and stay ahead of the competition.

Stop Guessing – Make Data-Driven, Strategic Decisions with Social Posts

We created Social Posts because we wanted to help fellow social media marketers answer these key social media marketing questions:

By providing you with a powerful metrics tool to answer the questions above, we know you can confidently optimize your social media strategy and tactics. By answering these key questions, you can:

#1. Gain deep awareness. Your competitors share all of their digital campaigns on social. Now you can map out their entire campaign efforts and gain a better understanding of their digital investments.

Know what time to post on social media with Social Posts

#2. Inform your strategy. Know which channels you should invest in and how much to invest — helping you budget and allocate time effectively.

Know what social channels to post on with Social Posts

#3. Improve your tactics. Know what post types, hashtags, and posting times are most fruitful for your company and across your landscape — enabling you to share content your customers care about when and where they are most engaged.

Know what hashtags are being used the most with Social Posts

Rival IQ alerts even ensure that you always know if something about your performance or a competitor’s performance deserves immediate attention.

Flexible Analytics and Streamlined Reporting

You can use Social Posts to create custom charts to fit your own reporting needs. All of these reports can be easily exported as a PowerPoint, PDF, or CSV to suit whatever analysis and presentations your team requires. And don’t forget — you can always favorite the charts you find most valuable and streamline your reporting!

Make your reporting even easier by scheduling reports for delivery right to your inbox. Scheduled Exports ensure that you have your valuable metrics in hand when you need them without you spending any extra time compiling data. Learn more about Scheduled Exports.

Up Your Marketing Game Today

Our goal is to help you make more data-driven marketing decisions. Social Posts is designed to take the guessing work out of your social media strategy and help you analyze your successes and identify areas for improvement so you can stay ahead. Happy Analyzing!

P.S. Thank you to everyone who helped us test and improve our Social Posts feature. If you would like to help us beta test new features in the future, feel free to email us at!

Manpreet Kalra

Manpreet Kalra is a Digital Marketing Superhero at Rival IQ. Her superpowers span the digital universe - she can often be seen doing 50 things at once while posting a 140-character Tweet about it. Originally from Silicon Valley, her startup journey began in 2008 while working for Togetherville, which was later acquired by the Walt Disney Company. She went on to work as a portfolio Marketing Advisor at Stockford Limited, a UK-based VC firm. Manpreet is also the Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Kaurista, a niche online lifestyle magazine for South Asian women. While she does love superhero capes, Manpreet is more typically seen wearing her raincoat, hiking boots or fleece, all appropriate hero attire for her new home of Seattle.

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