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Title tags should be the cornerstone of your SEO strategy. They communicate with two equally important audiences – the search engines and your prospects.

The keywords in your tag are used in search algorithms to factor where your page will rank among the returned results. Then, that same phrase will appear as the first line of your SERP listing – the first copy potential prospects read as they scan their search results and decide which is worthy of further investigation.

Are your title tags working hard enough?

To help you decide, I’ve pulled a couple of examples of homepage title tags – one that’s optimized to make the most of the 70 character limit and another that isn’t. Take a minute to decide where your homepage title tag falls on the spectrum:

The Contenders:

A comparison of HTC vs Salesforce Title Tags and their impact on SEO Strategy

Which title tag is more like yours? Do you need an upgrade?

 And Their Search Results:

Illustration of the spectrum of title tag strength in terms of effectiveness and impact on SEO Strategy

There is a broad spectrum of title tag effectiveness. Make sure you are headed toward the strong end.

Clearly, HTC hasn’t spent any time on their SEO strategy, but the effort Salesforce took to craft their title tag paid off. Not only are they making good use of their keywords, they’ve crafted phrasing that engages prospects and invites them to click through. Could they have written a meta description that was less repetitive, more complimentary to the title tag? Yes…but that’s another blog post ;-).

Title Tags 101

So we’re all working from the same understanding of what makes a good title tag, I’ve summarized the best practices recommended by SEOmoz.

I also wanted to share the cumulative wisdom revealed in SEOmoz’ survey of SEO Thought Leaders ,“the title tag is the most important place to use keywords to achieve high rankings.” The companies in my top five ranking not only got the memo, they did an outstanding job of re-crafting their title tags.

Introducing the Top Five Best Title Tag Upgrades

To compile the list, I reviewed the thousands of companies Rival IQ tracks on behalf of our customers, selecting the best title tag changes made in the last 60-90 days.  To be considered, a company had to improve on a title tag that was more than just the company name.  Yes, this was a subjective exercise, based on my opinion of improvement in keywords usage and expect overall impact on SEO strategy. Please use the comments section if you disagree, have feedback or have other great examples.


Kognito applies multiple SEO best practices with the changes to their title tag.

Kognito applies multiple SEO best practices with the changes to their title tag.

 Key Improvements:


Strong application of SEO best practices along with keyword tuning should deliver for Kognito. I’m trusting Kognito that “Business Analytics” wasn’t performing for them – it was likely too broad a term.



Epinions improves their SEO strategy with addition of more powerful keywords

The addition of powerful keywords is a clear winner for Epinions SEO strength

Key Improvements:


Moving from the generic to the specific with two powerful keyword bundles should deliver strong SEO results for Epinions.



LeadPile moves to stronger keywords which are certain to improve their SEO performance

A move to stronger keywords in terms of SEO strength for LeadPile. A question about too many “qualifieds”

 Key Improvements:


Call Out to Optimizers:  

I’d love to hear the experts’ opinion on the impact of using “Qualified” three times in this tag.  Is there a chance it gets highlighted as keyword stuffing? Or, because “qualified” is used in logical keyword groups, there’s increased likelihood of ranking on the term?



A second place showing for 15five with focus on higher volume keywords

A clear improvement in keyword strength with 15five’s title tag upgrades


Key Improvements:





Apptio in first place with clear application of SEO best practices and stronger keywords

Apptio wins with clear application of SEO best practices and stronger keywords


Key Improvements:


Excellent keyword upgrade and application of best practices.  I expect this to perform well for Apptio.


Key Takeaways.

You can’t set and forget your title tags – they need to be reviewed regularly to ensure you’re leveraging best practices and popular search terms.  Understanding how your competitors are optimizing their title tags over time – something my company, Rival IQ makes easy – will give you insight on how to fine tune your tags and adjust your overall SEO strategy.

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