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75% of Marketers agree that identifying influencers is their biggest challenge.

According to Adweek, one of the main roadblocks to a successful influencer campaign is connecting with influencers. Seventy-five percent of those surveyed said identifying the right influencers was their most significant challenge. In 2017, 84% of marketing teams allocated resources toward influencer marketing strategies. With 71% of consumers stating that they’re more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference, that trend is expected to grow in 2018. Marketers need more tools to make this process faster and easier, so we built Discover.

Marketers can use Rival IQ’s Discover to build an influencer and brand advocate program and realize improved social media strategy. With Discover, we’re surfacing strategic opportunities with Twitter and Instagram.

You’ll be able to:

With Discover, you can find and analyze influencers, hashtags, and content like never before. Learn more about all the ways you can use Discover for a better social media strategy in the Complete User Guide.

New Feature Lineup:

You’re stretched for time, and building an influencer or brand advocate program is only possible with time investment. And we know the hardest step in that process is identifying and evaluating potential influencers.

Rival IQ's Discover homepage asking about what is is that you want to discover on Twitter and Instagram.

With Discover, we’re bringing you the data you need to narrow your prospects and analyze their performance. This robust tool empowers you to dive deeper and identify previously unknown influencers and fans. Here’s a list of the awesome new things you can get done in a snap.

New Influencer Score

In Discover, each potential influencer receives an influencer score under the “Potential Influence” column on a range from 0 – 4. This proprietary approach takes into account their number of followers and engagement. It’s just another way we’re working to make identifying the best influencers simple and straightforward.

A screenshot from Rival IQ’s Discover tool that shows where you can find the Influencer Score on the far right-hand side.

Real-Time Search Outside Your Landscape

Searching via Twitter or Instagram in Discover is going to give you the most recent relevant posts based on your search. For Twitter, we’ll provide the most current 1000 tweets from the last seven days. For Instagram, we’ll show you the most recent 500 posts.

Influencer Profile Analytics

Within Discover, you’ll be able to get a quick highlight of a potential influencer’s performance in the last week. This analysis gives you an immediate sense of the influencer’s potential for your brand and helps you keep tabs on the impact your current influencers are making.

Most Engaging Posts

Based on the search, we surface the top performing posts by engagement. And just like you can elsewhere in Rival IQ, you can see this in a list view, or show posts with photos as a grid.

Coincidental Hashtags

See which hashtags other people, influencers, and organizations are using together and how they perform. This section of the tool breaks out engagement rate, the number of unique hashtags, and which hashtags drive the highest engagement in social posts. This real-time analysis will help your team make last-minute shifts to help amplify and extend your reach on Instagram and Twitter.

Discover which hashtags are used in tandem and if there's a synergistic element driving engagement.

URL Tracking

Identify who is sharing your content or which sources of content are most popular. You can even search by specific links, allowing your team to understand which pages of your site, like blogs posts or product pages, are being shared on Twitter and Instagram.

Use URL tracking to determine who is sharing your blog content, a giveaway, or product. This extra level of exposure means you now have a better story to share about how social is amplifying your content.

Try Discover out for yourself.

Discover from Rival IQ is live and available in Rival IQ’s Free Trial. Join us for a webinar next Tuesday, December 12th at 10:00 AM PT called Finding Influencers and Analyzing Any Topic with Discover as Seth Bridges walks you through the new features and how to use Discover.

Cassandra Schwartz

Cassandra leads our product marketing, focusing on product, brand, and communications needs. Cassandra has worked in marketing and communications for nearly a decade helping businesses like Microsoft including Xbox and The Garage, Pike13, and many others connect with their audiences. Outside of work, Cassandra keeps extraordinarily active. An avid community builder, she leads the Seattle Lean In Circle, and co-founded SheHasDrive, as well as a peer-mentoring program based in Seattle. Since moving to Seattle from Kansas, Cassandra has adopted an outdoors lifestyle that includes hiking, skiing, and kayaking. Follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

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