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Ejolee Mitchell shares her knowledge on social media for nonprofits including strategy and execution.

Watch the interview with Ejolee Mitchell, Social Media Director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance for inspiration for your next content campaign, how to get your user-generated content, and where to focus your tight budget on social media.

Along with host Seth Bridges, Ejolee shares her top takeaways from extensive social media work in the nonprofit sector at organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, iMentor, and Kepler, and her social media endeavors like #MarketingHoroscopes💫.

Watch the full interview for all the insights:


Storytelling is the Key To Nonprofit Social Media Success

The nonprofit industry’s engagement metrics blow other industries out of the water. According to the data in our 2021 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report, the nonprofit industry saw above-median engagement rates across all social channels this year. On average nonprofits posted 9.2x per week on Facebook with a 0.13% engagement rate, tweeted 11x per week with a 0.055% engagement rate, and 4x per week on Instagram with a 1.41% average engagement rate.

Ejolee credits these above-average engagement rates with the emotion-inducing nature of nonprofit storytelling. Bringing a humanized story of the work you’re doing increases the empathy of your audience, according to Ejolee (and of course, the data). She emphasizes that storytelling is at the core of the nonprofit industry, as they’re not selling a product or service but a drive to improve lives around you.

Ejolee elaborates with specific campaign examples from nonprofits like Black Lives Matter and Save the Children who have employed personal anecdotes and experiences of their beneficiaries to drive an increase in follower counts and at the bottom line, donations.

Fast Facts: Takeaways from Ejolee

Wrapping It Up

Give Ejolee a follow on Twitter if you’re looking for some levity with #marketinghoroscopes💫 or have more questions about the roll-up-your-sleeves attitude of a nonprofit social media manager. Or, add these live nonprofit benchmarks into a Rival IQ account to see how your brand stacks up.

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