A Live Look Behind the 2019 Social Media Industry Benchmarks

The Data-Driven Marketer

In response to the 2019 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report from Rival IQ, we asked Sr. Marketer Daniella Peting to weigh in on the metrics with host, Founder & Head of Product Seth Bridges.

Watch the webinar recording where they talked about all things social media benchmarking, plus took Q&A from our live listeners.


You’ll walk away with a better understanding to interpret the benchmarking data from 2019 and inform your strategy accordingly. Plus hear from social media experts on their interpretations of the reactions from our marketing industry.

Some things we cover: 

The Data-Driven Marketers Webinar Series is an ongoing program at Rival IQ. You can check out past recordings in the DDM Webinar page, plus keep an eye out for more to come.

If you have more questions about the report, webinar, or how to get featured, reach out to us on Twitter or via email.


Christina Everett

Christina is a startup fanatic and an analytics wizard with a serious passion for all things marketing. At Rival IQ she's focused on optimizing our technical SEO, sending out all our emails, advertising, and partnerships. When she’s not working on the latest marketing automation hack or color-coding all our marketing plans, she can be found playing team sports and hiking around the PNW.

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