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Great social media doesn’t need to be a triathlon-level endeavor.

We hosted Patrick Crawford, an outdoor enthusiast and founding partner at Inkwell Media, a creator agency located in Boulder, Colorado. Patrick spent the earlier parts of his career in media, working both at Freeskier Magazine and Vail Resorts. In this episode of the Data-Driven Marketer, we dove into all things social media in the outdoor brand and retailers industry including building awareness campaigns, finding influencers, and measuring your success.

Patrick gave three top tips to get started utilizing influencers in your own social media campaigns:

  1. Identify your target campaign audience
  2. Find influencers that match your brand ethos and
  3. Allow them the freedom to show how they’d use your product or service in real life

Authenticity in influencer marketing is key!

Watch the video for all of Patrick’s takeaways and tips on social media in this niche:

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Or, skip straight to the influencer rankings and download the PDF report that shows off our favorite outdoor influencers and their latest high engaging brand campaigns.

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