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Tiyana Grulovic weighs in on ColourPop’s social media marketing including her latest inspirations as a high-performing social media devotee.

Check out the recording below where SEED Beauty (ColourPop’s parent company) Social Media Director Tiyana Grulovic shares her top insights on social media marketing in the beauty industry.

After years in editorial and fashion, Tiyana’s breadth of experience has lead to ColourPop ranking number 1 in our Top 100 Beauty Brands on Social Media report for 2021. Their stellar engagement across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has propelled this agile brand to the top of the charts and into the hearts of loyal fans globally.

Along with host Seth Bridges, Tiyana delves into what makes a winning content strategy, team structure, and how to perform in a social-first industry.

Watch the full interview for all the insights:

ColourPop Social Media Secret Sauce

ColourPop’s loyal following is key to their success, but Tiyana also shared some strategy tips on putting your content to work for your brand.

Her professional experience with top brands in the biz like Urban Decay and Nasty Gal have informed longstanding principles on marketing including meeting your audience where they’re at and making the best of a campaign gone wrong. Supported by a talented team, Tiyana credits their success to collaboration within the marketing departments and the ability to test out new strategies quickly. Here are some of the top takeaways from Tiyana’s interview.

A Social-First Brand

ColourPop’s target demographic is on social media, so their social-first strategy makes total sense for the brand. Tiyana reiterated that at the heart of the social-first philosophy is their customers. Listening to their audience feedback, reviews, and analyzing engagement metrics means their social presence is valuable to their content, and more importantly, their products. She also noted that fostering their online community builds brand love, or superfans, that are loyal to the company and promote their favorite products on their own social channels.

Try All The Things

Tiyana notes that since algorithms reward early adopters of new features they’re always trying the latest product update like Reels, Guides, and IGTV on Instagram. When something flops, her top advice is to take your learnings into the next campaign; delving into the details of why something went wrong instead of beating yourself up over it means you can evolve and move forward next time.

TikTok has been especially interesting for ColourPop, their channel gets great engagement and always has some fresh storytelling narratives to share. Tiyana also noted that it’s her current favorite platform to spend time on and that your influence and creativity often stem from absorbing other content on a platform to get to know what works.

Collaborations Are Key

While she couldn’t give *too* many details away in the interview, it’s no secret that collaborations have been killin’ it at ColourPop lately. Tiyana mentioned a nostalgia-inducing Lizzie McGuire campaign that has had great success with young millennials who loved the show.

Her recommendation for collaborations, whether it’s with huge brands or micro-influencers, is to find the right audience fit for your brand and make sure to test out some fresh promotion ideas with each new launch.

Six top posts from ColourPop five of which feature their Lizzie McGuire product launch

ColourPop’s Lizzie McGuire product launch brought in high engagement totals on Instagram and TikTok.

Wrapping It Up

Don’t forget to explore the Top 100 Beauty Brands on Social Media report for all of our rankings and top examples from the hottest brands in beauty, including ColourPop. Plus, download the report for some standout campaigns that are just waiting for your personal spin.

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