7 YouTube Marketing Case Studies

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YouTube.com has become a goldmine of advertising goodness.

Guess what? Most businesses can find a way to use it. It’s not only another way to reach customers, it’s a way to deliver real value to all your social media accounts. What can you do on YouTube? To answer, let’s take a look at big and small companies in different industries using YouTube marketing in creative ways.

YouTube Marketing Case Study #1: GE

GE is a pioneer in social media. They consistently adopt new social media channels, connect directly with their customers by requesting and showcasing user-generated content, and post videos and graphics about every aspect of their business.

GE’s YouTube channel offers transparency, information, and experimentation. You can watch their commercials, see interviews with visionaries, scientists, and engineers, learn about future and current technology, and be generally amazed by everything they do.

GE’s audience includes customers, young people considering a career in engineering or science, and literally everyone interested in science, medicine, and technology.

YouTube Marketing Case Study #2: Eric The Car Guy

You might not have the deep pockets and professional video capabilities of GE, so meet Eric the Car Guy. He’s a mechanic with a website where you can order parts and find DIY help. His channel includes how-to videos for all kinds of automotive repairs, Q&A sessions, and general advice, like “Getting your car ready for a road trip.”

This video has 3.5 million views, so it’s clear he knows how to answer questions people want to know. There’s no fancy video effects, just a personable guy showing fans exactly how to do something.

YouTube Marketing Case Study #3: Photorec Tony

How-to videos work for many industries. Photorec Tony offers tips, equipment reviews, and other interesting content about photography. In this video, which has more than 118k views, he explains the difference between two different cameras.

YouTube Marketing Case Study #4: Cupcake Jemma

Cupcake Jemma is the YouTube home of Crumbs and Doilies, a London bakery, features how-to cake baking and other goodies, along with helpful equipment videos, decorating tips, and behind-the-scenes peeks at the bakery. This rainbow cake has nearly 2 million views!

YouTube Marketing Case Study #5: Keller Williams

Keller Williams Realty, Inc. is one of the largest real estate companies in the U.S. and THE largest international real estate company in the world. The Keller Williams YouTube channel is devoted, not to selling houses, but to attracting talent to staff its 700 offices.

Here, you can watch interviews with top executives and agents, learn more about the company, see the monthly financials, and get success tips from the pros.

YouTube Marketing Case Study #6: Caterpillar

A familiar B2B name in heavy equipment, Caterpillar decided to showcase its products in a very unusual – and memorable way. On the Caterpillar YouTube channel, you can see a big-scale Jenga game, watch a gigantic sand castle construction, see the tug of war competition below…or get safety tips and other useful information.

YouTube Marketing Case Study #7: AWeber Email Marketing

AWeber offers email marketing software tools to help businesses run and analyze email marketing campaigns. The AWeber YouTube channel offers helpful videos with how-to, strategy, tips, case studies, and industry news.

How You Can use YouTube to Market to your Customers

No matter what product or service you’re marketing, your customers are searching for information. Use videos to provide company information, product information, industry information, how-to instructions, reviews, and put a face on your company.

Just take a look at this adorable Christmas card by Wholesale Warranties.

Marketing just doesn’t get more endearing than that.

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