Report: UK Higher Education Social Media Engagement

Higher education marketing is complex; there are so many audience segments (prospective students/current students/faculty/alumni) with such different marketing objectives attached to them (acquisition/engagement/event attendance/charitable giving) that it can be difficult to build out an effective social media strategy.

Social media is the perfect medium to achieve many of those marketing goals: it’s basically free, requires few resources compared to other channels and is a place where uni-aged students are comfortable engaging.

We developed this report specifically for UK universities to help marketers compare themselves with their peers and be inspired by some of the top-performers.

This report brings you:

  • Rankings of the top 100 UK universities on social media
  • Channel by channel breakdowns and analysis
  • In-depth recommendations and examples from the top performers
  • Best practices for universities who want to improve their social engagement
Universities all over the world trust Rival IQ to help them make smarter social media decisions