Report: Craft Beer Social Engagement

Craft beer has enjoyed a resurgence in the last few years, growing to $23.5b in 2016 sales in the United States capturing 12 percent market share of the overall beer industry. As breweries proliferate across North America, they are looking to social media as a way to engage with fans and acquire new ones.

Social media provides a cheap, effective way for marketing teams to create an authentic brand. It’s one of the best ways for breweries, big and small, to grow brand awareness and focus their marketing efforts.

We wanted to find out which breweries are killing it when it comes to social – Who’s growing their audience? What sort of content are they posting? How can other breweries use this data to help them build smarter social media strategies?

This report contains:

  • Rankings of the top 20 craft brewers by sales volume
  • Channel by channel breakdowns and analysis
  • In-depth recommendations and examples from the top performers
  • Best practices for craft brewers who want to build their social engagement
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