Report: Ballet Companies Social Media Engagement

In the US alone there are almost 100,000 nonprofit arts organizations. Ballet companies play a vital role in many communities serving to bring together a variety of artists from dancers to musicians, set designers to customer designers. As attendance declines for many arts organizations, it’s critical to engage an audience outside of the theatre. For ballet companies, that has meant utilizing social media to engage fans, educate the public, and entice new attendees.

We used Rival IQ to analyze 6,000 social media posts across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the top 100 ballet companies by social audience across to find out who’s killing it at social media and why.

This report brings you:

  • Rankings of the top 100 ballet companies
  • Channel by channel breakdowns and analysis
  • In-depth recommendations and examples from the top performers
  • Best practices for ballet companies who want to improve their social engagement
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