The Entire Social Media Story for Your Landscape

Analyze thousands of posts for instant insights.

It’s great to know what the “best” posts look like across your competitive landscape, but that doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story. Rather than just analyze top content, we dig into every post across your competitive landscape and analyze social posts by hashtag, channel, post type, time of day, and more.

Now you can understand your activity and engagement and how it compares to your competitors. Quickly see what’s performing well and where you have opportunities to make adjustments and improve your overall social performance. You can even view your post performance in aggregate for a clear snapshot of your competitive social metrics.

Social Posts Dashboard

Focus Your Analysis to Get the Insights You Need

Use keywords, hashtags, or emoji to get to get real results on your campaigns and conversations.

Reporting the success of a social campaign has never been easier.

Whether you’re looking for a Tweet analysis, a cross-channel post analysis, or anything in between, our entire social post dashboard can easily be filtered by hashtag, keyword, or even emoji. Just pop what you want to filter by into the search box and get back a full analysis of social performance for posts that contain that hashtag, keyword, or keyphrase.

Hashtag Search

Inform Your Analysis With Real-World Examples

When you need it, get a post-by-post breakdown across your landscape.

While much of our analysis focuses on overall performance over time, our Top Landscape Posts table lays out each and every post across your competitive landscape. You can see publish time, content, photos, engagement metrics, and more for each post.

If you have a specific metric in mind, our Posts Table allows you to sort and display content by likes, comments, post type, and more, allowing you to easily analyze your most and least engaging posts.

Top Posts in Landscape

Quickly Understand Your Competitor's Activity & Engagement

Insightful metrics to inform your posting strategy.

Many social media managers struggle to determine the most effective social cadence. Social Posts allows you to answer questions like "What, where, and how much should I be posting on social?" What about my competitors? What is or isn't working for them?

In our Activity & Engagement panel, you can quickly analyze your average number of posts per day and average engagement per post to your competitive landscape average.

You can also see a breakdown of each company in your competitive landscape, sortable by posts per day or average engagement rate per post.

Social Activity and Engagement

Become a Hashtag-Usage Expert Instantly

Measure hashtag campaigns and performance across your competitive landscape.

Gain insights into which hashtags your competitors use most frequently - and which hashtags get the best engagement. Expand your analysis into a full dashboard with even more details about hashtags in your landscape and how fans are engaging.

Learn More About Hashtag Analysis

Hashtag Summary

Analyze Your Social Content by Post Type

Because how you post matters as much as what you post.

There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of blog posts dedicated to which types of social posts perform best. Stop guessing about what social content appeals to your fans and start making data-driven decisions. Rival IQ's Social Posts takes the guessing out of the equation.

Our Post Types panel breaks down the types of posts and social media channels that are actually getting engagement.

Combine those analyses, and you’ll be able to see if you’re posting the type of content that gets the most engagement across your landscape. In the cross-channel Social Posts dashboard, you’ll get a channel-by-channel engagement analysis - so you can better prioritize your social media channel investments.

Post Type Analysis

Timing is Everything, Right?

Smarter post scheduling across all your social channels.

Facebook Insights can show you when your fans are online, but what about other social channels?

Our Post Time analysis shows you how posting time affects engagement in your landscape, either by day or by hour. It even breaks down your data versus your entire landscape, so you can get a clear picture of when you should be posting for maximum engagement.

Post Analysis by Hour of Day

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