Social Media Alerts for the Aware Marketer

Whether you want updates on your own digital marketing or want to know when a competitor has a breakout post or updates their site, our alert tools can provide you with social media alerts, keyword alerts, and more.

Be in the Know With Our Social Media Alerts

At the heart of Rival IQ are our social media alert tools. Keep an eye on your brand and your competitors when it comes to engagement, breakout social posts, and social bio and link changes.

Timely Engagement Alerts

A lot can happen over a week or month in the social landscape. When engagement rates go through the roof, you’ll be the first to know. Expand engagement growth social alerts to see what drove engagement during the selected time period.

Social Engagement Alerts

Identify Breakout Posts

If you or one of your competitors sees a lot of engagement on a specific post, you want to know about it as soon as possible.

Our social media monitoring alerts keep an eye on how social posts are performing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. No more hitting refresh all day. We’ll even track breakout posts over your entire competitive landscape so you can see when your competitors have a singular post that’s gaining a lot of traction.

Social Alerts Breakout Post

Monitor Profile Changes

Our social network alerts aren’t just about social posts and engagement. Our social media alert tools also let you know whenever any of the companies in your competitive landscape make changes to their social profiles, including bios and linked sites.

After all, the life of a social post is short, but bios and links are always at the top of your social profiles.

Social Alerts Profile Changes

Move Faster with Competitor Website Alerts

Don't waste time refreshing competitors' pages. We'll watch them for you, and when we see something that deserves your attention, you'll get an alert.

Website Tag Changes

Do you know the last time your competitor made a major change to their website? What about the tiny changes? With our SEO alerts, we track changes to Title Tags and Meta Tags. We even screen capture the sites in your competitive landscape. You can review their history and get notified whenever they make a change.

Social Alerts Meta Description

Keyword Rankings

See where you rank for your top keywords, what keywords your competitive landscape ranks for, and which keywords you should be ranking for with our SEMRush-powered keyword alerts.

Social Alerts Keyword Rankings

Alerts the Way You Want Them

Big picture or little details, just you or your entire competitive landscape, we let you see view your alerts in the ways that work best for you.

Email Alerts

You don’t have to have a browser window dedicated to Rival IQ to keep up with your alerts. You can set up emails for a weekly social summary and weekly social mention alerts. Need to make sure more than one person sees your alerts? With Rival IQ, you can set up multiple recipients for our alerts so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Social Alerts Email

Feed View

If you want to see every major change in your competitive landscape, check out your feed view. This is where you can find every breakout post, social profile change, website change, and more for your brand and your competitors. You can even export your alert feed as a Powerpoint or PDF.

Social Alerts Dashboard

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