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Happy New Year, everyone.  We hope you had a safe holiday season with your families.  Welcome to our first Rival IQ update of the 2013 competitor tracking season.

If this is the only paragraph you read of this post, we have a favor to ask. Can you all help us spread the word about Rival IQ and following/sharing on your favorite networks? Thanks, favor asking over.  Back to our regularly scheduled program.

New Year Shoutouts! Thanks to all of you for your input, feedback, and conversations during the last couple of holiday weeks: TimR, ScottM, WillC, JeffD, MatthewB, LowellR, ToddS, IanS, and BrunoA. You all rock. But you knew that, right?

Our beta is over, and we’re doing this for real!

As we’ve alluded to previously, the time has come for us to enter a new phase of being at Rival IQ by calling a close to our beta and beginning the general availability of our product. We are extraordinarily thankful to each and every one of you for using Rival IQ and providing feedback during the last nine months as we have evolved the product into what it is today. Our new site is up and has product details and pricing available. Go check it out! We would love to know what you think.

OK, Rival IQ is generally available. Now what? In general, this means we are charging a monthly fee for access to Rival IQ. Additionally, we are not gating signups any longer, so signing up for Rival IQ will get new customers immediate access to an account.  Everyone who signs up through the site gets their first 30 days of Rival IQ for free.  You know, to try it out and find out how much you love it.

If you participated in our beta (you know who you are), starting today, your Rival IQ account begins its new life with 30 days free of charge. Should you decide to become a paid member of Rival IQ during your first 30 days, you will receive a 50% discount on your Rival IQ subscription for the life of your account. It’s our way of saying thank you for your incredible support during our beta. Just as an FYI, our payment system isn’t live yet but will be soon. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when it is up and ready to go. If you want to commit in the meantime, just shoot us an email, support@rivaliq.com.

What’s next at Rival IQ?

Profile support for multi-client and multi-market analysis. Early on, we created tags as a way to create competitive subgroups within Rival IQ to simplify analysis for customers tracking lots of companies. It turns out that tags are not sufficient for Rival IQ customers performing analyses centered around multiple clients or markets. As a quick workaround, we enabled you to change your company within Rival IQ, but he time has come for the real solution to be born: competitive profiles. Soon, customers using our agency/multi-market plan will have access to the ability to create and manage multiple profiles within their account, each profile with its own focus company, tracked companies, and tags.

Lend a hand to Rival IQ!

Find something that confuses you, frustrates you, or you think is missing. Have something that you’d like to see improved in Rival IQ? Let us know so that we can make it better. Find something you love? We’d appreciate you letting us know that, too.

Tell your friends and co-workers about Rival IQ. Each of us at Rival IQ see every piece of feedback that comes in through our support channels. More folks using the product means we get more feedback. Tell your people about Rival IQ. They’ll thank you, and we’ll use their input to make the product better. Everyone wins.

Thanks for your support, and here’s to a great 2013 for you and your customers!

The Rival IQ Team: John, SethP, and Doc

Seth Bridges

Hey there, I'm Seth, one of the co-founders of Rival IQ, where I stay busy working on product design and marketing! When I'm not working, I'm probably playing with my sons. Follow me on Twitter for rantings and opinions on all the things.

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